Black People : J Edgar Hoover's Dream and Solution/ Messiah Politics

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    In the edicts of COINTELPRO,
    J EDgar Hoover
    claimed that we were a "messiah " loving people, so 2 things occured in the 60s.
    Not just the physical and character asasination of Black leaders and ativists, but the creation of politicians who would say the slogans and rhetorc, folks desired to hear,
    but actaully servethe interest of the oligarchy .
    . The man who took care of Malcolm's family , his close friend,
    Ossie Davis was so enraged by this phenomenon, in Harlem and the rest of NYC, and the politicians put in place to undo the work of Dr Adam Clayton Powell Jr.,
    that he produced the "Chester B Himes" novel
    "Cotton Comes to Harlem" as a movie.

    Hoover's dream ironicly had international ramfcations as well,
    as great African revolutionaires were assasinated befre being able to implement, socialism, nationalization of resources or unite in Pan Africaism.
    Malcolm spoke about Tshombe and Mbutu in the Congo,
    and how their messianic politics;
    created a true dictatorship, of fanatical loyalty.

    Black folks there and in many other forerly colonized nations,
    were so sick and tired of white rule, tha they could not see or realize,
    the neocolonization, since they were so enamored of seeing any Blac face in a high place, even if they did th same or worse then the European.
    Franz Fanon, speak about this syndrome, in his "Black Face, White Mask"

    The major aspect of hiding neoclonization, was to makesure that the ctizenry had religious devotion to who the former colonists put in place;

    1 Questioning the politician or his polices was regarded as hate
    2 Printing facts about the rulers actions wasconsidered also hate

    and both acts were considered as in any dictatorship,

    acts of treason, punishble by not nly the torture, rape and dismemberment or death of the person acused but of their immediate family as well