Black Women : Iyanla Vanzant

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    Yeah, I didn't watch the vid. I'm really not big on random junk or douchelogs, I mean vlogs from vid sites.

    Anyway, isn't she that psuedo-afrocentric, fake dashiki-wearing, Oracle-for-pay, fake mother-earth-voodoo-priestess clown that passed on Oprah's offer to give her con a boost and instead chose to run behind some jew who screwed her over?

    Yeah, someone explain why her mic is still on.
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    every single post you make has such "wonderful positive energy" to give to the community here, and you express clearly, the aspects of your heart(?)!!!!????
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    carpenter, anthropologist, teacher. Right now I te
    in florida for now
    By iyanla vanzant

    When properly understood and utilized,
    power creates transformation. True
    power cannot be contained, and sometimes
    not defined, however, the presence
    of power influences and eventually
    transforms the environment. Power
    will lay dormant until it is called forth for
    use. When you plug in an iron or flip a
    light switch, power supports and assists
    you in making the transformation
    from wrinkles to creases; from darkness
    to light. If you stick your finger in a
    socket or cross the wrong wires behind
    a switch, the power surge will kill you. It
    would not be considered the fault of the
    power, it is resistance or miseducation
    or ignorance of the power which will
    cause you harm. The power of ORISA
    is no different than the power in a light
    switch. Proper use creates transformation
    from darkness to light. Resistance,
    ignorance and miseducation
    causes destruction. To whom then shall
    we distribute the responsibility for so
    many ORISA worshippers living in the
    darkness of ignorance, resistance and
    miseducation of their individual and
    collective power?
    Although it took some time, I eventually
    got to the place of understanding that
    the ORISA with which I had been entrusted
    (notice I did not say “my ORISA”)
    were the foundation of power in my life.
    The moment that understanding seeped
    in, I took a totally different approach to
    my worship and reverence of the ancient
    forces. Where and how they were
    housed; how I approached them; the
    issues I presented to them took on a
    new depth and meaning. Where I was
    at one time quite comfortable complaining
    to ESU about lack of money or
    a wayward love interest, I eventually
    became aware, as the embodiment of
    ORISA energy, those issues were my
    responsibilities, not the ORISA. Where
    I once believed that unless I dressed a
    certain way and performed certain rituals,
    ORISA would not respond, I now
    believe that every thought I think, every
    word I speak and every deed I perform
    is a function of the power of the ASE of
    Darkness lives in fear. Fear is born of
    lack of information. While we are certainly
    moving to a place where it is
    acceptable to share information about
    ORISA, IFA and the other intricacies of
    this spiritual tradition, there is now a
    great deal of infighting about right, wrong,
    who is who and what is what. When
    fear meets darkness the result is ignorance
    . Some fear that they will be
    called “wrong.” Some fear they will be
    proven not to be “right.” Some fear they
    are not good enough, smart enough,
    old enough to share what they see
    when the light hits them. There is a
    funny thing about light, it will hit many
    objects from many directions, at the
    same time. Depending on where you
    are, you will see the object differently.
    To discount the view of another from
    where you sit indicates there is still
    some darkness on your side of the
    room. A more apt description is there is
    still a great deal of unresolved fear.
    I often wondered why so may ORISA
    worshippers lived in poverty; why so
    many seemed to lack moral standards,
    personal philosophies and behavioral
    discipline. I wondered why more ORISA
    worshippers were not involved in the
    elevation of the communities in which
    they lived. Why there was still so much
    crime, drug traffic and poverty where
    ORISA is housed and worshipped. I
    thought having ORISA meant having
    the power to transform energy. I came
    to understand that ORISA were universal
    forces to be used for the power of
    good on earth. I just could not for the life
    of me understand why you could get a
    reading to tell you what to do if your
    boyfriend/girlfriend was fooling around
    but no one ever mentioned what to do
    about drug dealers in the school yard. I
    came to realize this as the impact of
    lack of information.
    When you do not know what to do, you
    cannot do it. When you do not know
    what to ask, you will not ask it. When
    you do not have a true interpretation of
    the essence of the universality and
    transformative power of ORISA, you
    will not seek to use them in that way.
    You will be enslaved by the narrowness
    of your world, your issues and your
    fears. Many ORISA worshippers do not
    understand themselves. They therefore
    cannot understand their impact on
    the world; or appreciate their ability to
    contribute to the world order. The information
    has been hidden, stolen and
    held at bay by those fighting over right
    and wrong or living through their fears.
    In the meanwhile, those who are ignorant
    to the power keep sticking their
    fingers in the ORISA sockets, without
    being able to figure out how not to get
    fried by the mandates of ITA, the warnings
    of IBI and the taboos of protocol.
    This confusion perpetuates the fear.
    There is a part of us that is drawn to the
    light. The light of peace. The light of
    love. The light of giving and sharing
    information. There is a part of us which
    is ready to surrender, to give of the self
    for the betterment of the whole. The
    part of you that knows the light knows
    exactly what to do, how to do it and why
    it must be done. At constant battle with
    the light in your soul is the darkness; the
    things you believe you do not know; the
    things you believe you cannot do; the
    things you believe others can do to you.
    This darkness is fed by the fear which
    pervades your thoughts; the fear of
    death; of isolation; of bodily or spiritual
    harm; and, the fear of being found out.
    The biggest fear most people live with
    is the fear that someone will find out that
    you are a being of light, sent to earth to
    do good; sent here to heal. If people find
    out who you are then you will be held
    responsible for the wise and prudent
    use of power. Who wants to be responsible
    for that???!!!
    The one important piece of information
    which has been withheld from ORISA
    worshippers is that we do not have to
    do the work. We are the conduits
    through which the work will be done.
    We are of the power, we are the
    switches. In the argument of “rightness,”
    someone forgot to tell us, if we
    surrender the human fears to the power
    of ORISA, the light will come on and the
    work will get done. There is so much
    work to do, it will look different from
    where you sit, however, all work is
    necessary and purposeful. Different
    people are on different levels of development
    and the bringers of light must
    meet the people where they are. Some
    will speak. Some will teach. Some will
    write. Some will serve drinks in a bar.
    Those who carry the power touch the
    people with their thoughts, words and
    actions. Wherever they go, whatever
    they do, ORISA worshippers have the
    ability to bring the light. Or, through fear
    and ignorance, they give power to darkness.
    The challenge many ORISA worshippers
    face is to make an effort to understand
    the powers with which we are
    entrusted; and to use them, not to benefit
    the personal self, but to elevate the
    world out of darkness. That requires
    that those entrusted with power become
    universally responsible and accountable.
    The issue is not right or
    wrong, better than or knowing more
    than, the issue is acknowledging the
    power of ORISA and learning how to
    utilize that power without fear, without
    resistance. That requires those who
    are entrusted with the power to do the
    work required to get and share the
    information because it is the responsible
    thing to do.
    Oh, this sounds so heady. Almost spacy
    and totally off the beaten path. The
    alternative is to continue to initiate, giving
    power to fear and witness the death
    and destruction of the keepers of the
    power. The alternative is to continue to
    ration tidbits of information to the chosen
    few so they can hold their chests
    out because of who they know and who
    taught them what they know. The alternative
    is to continue vying for the power
    and prestige in small bite size groups
    while the forces of darkness eat the
    majority of the pie. The alternative is to
    run from the darkness, get the ASE of
    ORISA only to live in the fear that you
    might be found out.
    I, for one, have been struck by the light.
    I have no choice but to tell everyone I
    know about a better way, a way to the
    light. To some, it may appear that the
    light has blinded me; or perhaps fried
    my brain. It has even been said that I
    cannot see at all. I recently read a
    marine biology report which said that
    the bottom of the ocean is pitch black.
    Many of the fish who live at the bottom
    of the ocean have no eyes. They cannot
    see in the darkness, so they do not
    need eyes, but, they have very sharp
    teeth. I may be among the fish who are
    not able to see, but I know, through
    ORISA, I have been graced with the
    ability to take a pretty bite out of fear,
    ignorance and miseducation. I also
    know, the time for ORISA worshippers
    to buy stock in a toothpick company is
    quickly approaching.

    When Iyanla Vanzant was 21 years old,
    she had three children, a violently abusive
    husband and a desire to die. Having
    survived two suicide attempts, an
    incestuous rape, a childhood of abuse
    and multiple homes following the death
    of her mother, Iyanla truly believed that
    her life was hopeless. In the early
    morning hours of one of her darkest
    days, a small voice from deep inside
    cried out to Iyanla, “Don’t give up five
    minutes before the miracle.” Later that
    morning she took her three children,
    three shopping bags of clothing and
    walked away from misery.
    Five years later Iyanla graduated Valedictorian,
    Summa Cum Laude from
    Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New
    York. Four years after that, she earned
    a law degree from the City University of
    New York Law School and moved on to
    Philadelphia to join the staff of the #1
    ranked Public Defender Association in
    the country. Today, Iyanla is a talk
    show host, doctoral candidate, a spiritual
    life counselor and the author of
    several articles and a book on selfempowerment.
    When her story appeared in ESSENCE
    magazine (October 1989), it received
    one of the highest responses in the
    magazine’s history. Iyanla is now a
    Yoruba Priestess. Her goal is to revitalize
    and employ the wisdom, wealth
    and power hidden in the traditions of
    African culture. Iyanla admits that she
    is vibrantly alive, healthy and powerful
    because of the wisdom of the ancestors.
    She is thankful for all the experiences
    and opportunities she has had in
    this lifetime. Iyanla is sharing the secrets
    of her survival, re-birth and growth
    -- she is sharing the power of “spirit.”

    “I received the strength from my
    the approach from an African
    perspective of life;
    the courage to struggle in my faith
    that I would survive;
    and, the direction I needed from
    the spirit within me.
    I am thankful for all I have been, all
    that I am,
    And all that I will be.”
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    Wasn't she sleeping with someone's husband or is that just a rumor?
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    HEY, I Honor you Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    great thread here