Black Poetry : I've Tried...

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    I’ve tried..
    Tried to be a better man but you don’t see it
    Keep telling you the truth, but you don’t believe it
    I offer proof, but you won’t receive it
    You just have to be willing to conceive it
    I’ve tried
    See I bent over backwards and almost broke
    Just so behind my back I’d be treated like a joke
    But the air has cleared, I can see past the smoke
    Before I was sleep, but now I’m awoke
    I’ve tried
    See without Gas, a car won’t run
    Even flowers needs water and the sun
    And no one can make it to 2 without 1
    You have to walk first before you run
    Yet before you walk, one must crawl
    And what good is a phone with no one to call
    Where is the line that defines small and tall
    Failure is still failure even though you gave it your all
    Everything that lives eventually dies
    And love ones can hurt you so deep that your soul cries
    How do you believe the truth after so many lies
    I guess to believe you have to see with you own eyes
    My point is this Love needs to be loved
    It’s that action of love that I’m Speaking of
    It my be received and freely given
    Its love that defines the living
    It needs to be restored and renewed
    Refreshed with a loving attitude
    So ask yourself.. are you a giver or a taker
    Are you a lover or a faker
    Cause if you’re a faker then set my love free
    I think I just answered the question I put to ME.