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Feb 8, 2006
Knoxville, tn
the three of us were just sitting there

and all i could do was stare

there was a fragrance in the morning air

a pleasure that wasn't there before

i couldn't ignore it

i had to explore it

Howard adored it

come on Eve, pour it

i wanted to, but every time I looked at the score it said zero to zero

could Howard really by my hero?

could I trust him with my free throws?

what about crunch time?

it was easy to munch on his rhymes

but brunch? I had a partner in crime

Eve, it’s just lunch, I promise no basil and thyme

i had a hunch, he was serious this time

okay Howard, one Nestle’s Crunch but after that ….

Yipeeeee ……. !!!!!!!!!!!

Howard was delirious

maybe the climb

was worth it


eve & howard


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