Black Poetry : I've Been Reading You For A While


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
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I always make the time
to allow my soul
the chance to unwind

I let my
eyes glance
over each passage
and focus on the
external imagery

Other days
I tell my mind that
it's okay
to absorb the messages
of abstraction
and to NOT search for
deeper meaning
where it might not be

Even still
I get lost in the emotion
and at times I am overcome
by feelings of joy and
sadness that speak
indirectly to me

I've been reading you all
for a while ...
and although I may
not always have an
opportunity to respond
--know that with each
piece you write
I've been introduced
to you all -- individually
... collectively

I've been reading you
for a while and I
always anticipate
looking into your
metaphorical world
viewing your perceptions
as an eye-witness
-- filling in the colors
of your paintings with
my own brush strokes
watching the beauty
as it is displayed daily

I've been reading you --
checking you out --
analyzing and identifying
some of the issues
and topics you like
to discuss...
you've told me what
it's like to hurt ... and
how it feels to be loved
you also share fantasies

When I read you
I place
my self behind the
if you've noticed
I'm standing TALL
next to your
capital letters ~
smiling endlessly

My toggled mind
sits underneath
each lower cased word
in awe...
and I have eaten lunch
with every one of your

I haven't done much else
lately... but I will say this ~

I've been reading YOU for
quite a while
and your thoughts
are the very things
that make
my life -- more interesting

what's the

secret formula for coming up with stuff that hits the reader so deeply
N2urSoul the name is not a understatement
and the part about the artist speaking indirectly to you i found awesome

Don't hate me - hate my environment

Aye papi ... :wink:

In one of your responses you made a statement that you had "been reading my pieces for a while". ... I liked the sincerity behind your conveyed compliment & so with that line I wrote this piece ... I think it says a "heart full" and it speaks of how I feel when I am reading other pieces of people's work here and elsewhere.


Thank you for noticing ME! I've got nothin' but a "lotta" love 4 ya' Boo!

One :heart:


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