Black Short Stories : It's Too Good(part 5)Final chapter

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    This is the end family enjoy........

    Leslie layed out a simple outfit for work tonight:a pink baby T,white hot pants, and some pink "Timbo's".Her hair was pulled back in a bun with two strands hanging down in the front.She set her house alarm and then left for work.When she pulled up to the club,she noticed M.M. posted up by the door with his friends.
    "Gotta put up wit' him tonight,"she mumbled while walking to the entrance,past him.
    This time he just stared at her,no comments what so ever.Leslie didn't speak to any of the girls as she made her way to the dressing room.They could see it in her face that she did not have time for foolishness.
    "Hey Les,let me borrow you for a minute,"Penya called out from behind the door.
    She walked over to him.
    "Somebody told me to give this to you,"he handed her a folded piece of paper.
    "What is it?"She asked.
    "I don't know,but it came from M.M.,"he paused,"don't dissappoint me tonight."
    With that he accomplished his mission and left.
    "dang ,"Leslie said unfolding the paper.
    It read:
    "Hey Les,I'm serious about getting to know you.I know you got a man and since you made that pretty clear I decided to back down...(SYKE).Ha, you know I'ma stop at nothing to get you,cuz you gone be my ryda ma no lie.This piece don't even seem packed tonight so bring one of your girls to me and my boy private room in V.I.P-M.M."
    Leslie folded the paper back up and threw it in the trash can before calling one of the girls to her.
    "Rita come here,let me hallatcha for a minute."
    Leslie explained about the room and M.M.
    "I'm coo' wit' it,but are you wearing that?"Rita said eyeing Leslie's simple outfit.
    Leslie nodded her head,"Yep I ain't too hot tonight feel me,I'ma go head you come when you're ready."
    "Naw hun I'm ready let's bounce,"Rita said as they headed upstairs tot he room.
    "Hi,ladies,"M.M. greeted them in with a large smile.
    "Make yourself comfortable,"he motioned to the couch his friend was lounging on.
    Leslie gave him a fake smile,plopped on the couch and grabbed the Skyy off the table downing it right out the bottle.
    "Daaaang,"M.M. snatched the bottle from her,grabbed her hand and led her to the other division of the room.
    "Girl,I ain't know you could drink like that!"
    "Well it's a lot you dunno bout' me,"she said letting her hair down and kicking off her shoes.
    M.M. didn't know what else to say-this girl is cool as a chili dog in Chi-Town- he thought.
    "Oh,really like what,you got bad taste in men?"He was talking about Delo and it only formed a frown on her face.
    "For your information,I'm not seeing the "Midget " anymore,"she said sitting up crossing her legs and leaning back on her hands.
    There was a faint grin on his face.Then it turned to a smile,"Oh,so that's why you accepted my invitation?"
    She thought about it,"Well actually,no,I'm just tryin' to get paid and out of curiosity."
    "Mmmm hmmm,well why did you and ya boy break up?"
    She rolled her eyes,"Well he didn't like the fact that I was showing off his stuff and I had guys like you hittin' on me."
    "Oh,really,that's a bomber...but oh well,so does this mean we can hook up and I can get a sample of dat...."
    She cut him off before he could finish his sentence and place his hand on her butt.
    "See I was enjoying this 'til you did that,"she said moving to go.
    "Wait,wait,wait,wait,wait,girl,"he begged holding her down.
    She tossed her head and her hair lightly brushed his face.
    "What do you want M,I need to go home?"she asked angrily.
    He let go of her and spoke,"Leslie why you so mean to me?"
    She laughed and sucked her teeth,leaning back on the palms of her hands.
    He moved away from her as his laughter took control over his body.
    She stood and kicked him in his side,"You are so ignorant,I'm out!"
    He grabbed her by the ankle and stood with her.
    "I'm sorry baby,but you can't expect to get no respect workin' in a place like this."
    She knew it was the truth,but didn't want him to know that she knew.
    "What do you do?"She asked calmly.
    He smiled,"I own that store your ex bought that jacket from."
    Her mouth dropped and almost hit his blue and white chuck's.
    "See look at,underestimated eachother.I thought you was a tramp and you obviously thought I was some hard core thug."
    They were both standing quiet and amazed.
    "Mmmm hmmm,such a shame,"she said shaking her head and smiling.
    He looked around the room and shifted his weight,"I'm going to give you my number,o.k."
    She wanted to tell him not to bother,but accepted a scrap with seven digits scribbled on it.After placing the number in her back pocket,they went into the other side of the room.Rita and his friend Rock were on the floor laughing about something,probably waisted.
    "Come on Rita,let's go,"Leslie said headed toward the door.
    Rita smoothed out her dress and got up to follow Leslie.Once outside the room,they split up and Rita went back to the dressing room.Leslie looked around the club and selected a empty booth in the back.She set and thought about all that had happend so soon.
    She looked up and there was Delo's handsome face holding a bouqet of flowers.
    What in the.... she thought rolling her eyes and getting up to go.
    "Wait what's all this for?"He asked faking a whimper.
    "Delo,why do you have a bouqet of roses in you hand and a suit on?"She asked not moving.
    "Because,I wanted to come see you and I just left my cousin's graduation."
    She sucked her teeth,"Really,then why now all of a sudden you want to buy me gifts and smile in my face like a child who's been caught doing something they ain't have no business doing?"
    He stepped back and wiped his jaw.
    "Look girl I don't know what this is all about,but I'm trying to say sorry to you."
    Sorry...boy please
    She tilted her head to the side and grinned,"Delo,I'm pregnant."
    His face went from a smile to a frown and he dropped the roses on the table.
    "What,how,you take the pill."
    She laughed,"So what,it probably wasn't working the day you skirted inside me."
    He cursed under his breath and sweat started to show up on his forehead.
    "Man you lyin' I can tell,because we ain't even been havin' sex that much cuz you so busy workin and that pill DOES work."
    She laughed even louder now bringing attention on them.
    "Delo,I am pregnant and nothing you can say or do will change that."
    He glared at her through squinted eyes and whispered,"her too."
    "Me what,and who is the other she,"Leslie laughed swinging her hair.
    "This is not funny,Leslie,"He said grabbing her arm.
    "Now get rid of whateva it is and don't tell nobody else about it."
    She yanked her arm back and stepped all in his "office".
    "First off booooy,I am not your dog or your stuffed teddy,so keep your hands off of me.Second Papi chula I ain't even pregnant,and thrid..I know about your other baby and he's so cute."
    Delo pushed her back down in the booth and smacked her across the face.
    "I don't have no kids,so don't go spreadin' it around and don't you ever try trickin' me again."
    She sat up and wiped the blood away from her mouth.
    M.M. was coming out of the room and saw what was going on,but waited to see if it was serious.When he saw Leslie wiping her mouth and eyes he ordered Rock to take his keys and walked over to her.
    "Man what is wrong wit' you?"He asked Delo pushing him out of the way.
    Delo looked shocked and sucked his teeth.
    "Uh, so it is true mista supa man came to get his trick,you can have her lyin tail I'm through."
    M.M. glared at Delo and punched him in the mouth.When Delo staggered and hit the next booth,M.M. punched him in the back of the head and waited for him to get back up.
    "She ain't no trick and as a matta of fact she wasn't even messin' wit' me,yea I tried,but she was too busy trying to be faithful to you."
    Delo spit blood in his hand and stared first at her then back to M.M.He grabbed the flowers up off the table and threw them towards the stage.
    Everybody in the club was watching and looking on incase somebody hit the floor and they needed to call the cops.
    "Fine,I'm out you can go on and live your fantasy life,but you ain't gone make it wit' out me.I was the only person you knew in this city,now all of a sudden you meet another man and get you a job you all legit."
    M.M. stepped infront of him,so he couldn't move any closer to where Leslie sat.When Delo noticed it was all over and downhill he flipped everybody the bird and left.
    "You alright?"M.M. asked helping Leslie stand up.
    She bit her bottom lip and nodded yes,pulling her shorts down.
    "I'm going to walk you to your car,"he offered helping with each step.
    Once they reached her car,he turned her around and gave her a deep reassuring hug that everything was going to be fine.She let her emotions take over and sobbed on his shoulders, pulling him even closer.
    "Alright,it's alright,just give me a call tonight or tomorrow.Give yourself time to think and do what you have to do."
    She nodded and got inside the car.He waited 'til she was out of sight and drove home.
    Sitting in her room eating icecream Leslie went through some photos of her and Delo.Can't believe it all came down to this she whispered smiling at the photo of her and Delo on a night with some of his friends.Looking at how happy they were she thought of M.M. and if they could make it like that.She reached in her back pocket and pulled out his number.
    should I or should I not?
    She laughed,shook her head and threw the paper in the trash.
    It's to good to be true.............

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    dis getting deep and it really was written well
    tyte pt. to da story
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    Thanx Rich for the support,and I will be coming through with the rest of No She Didn't :lol::wave:everybody
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    Awwwww that was so tyte. I was so feeling that. That was so so so......see, sensual you left me speechless. 10 kool-aid packs.
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    :thanks: Fox,I wanted you to be able to speek my bad :lol::wave::wink: