Black People : It's Time To Walk The Walk

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    The so-called "rescue" and "relief" efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina have begun. Many who watched this catastrophic event unfold before our eyes have made humanitarian donations and assisted as humanly possible. But what happens next? The majority of the victims who've been uprooted and permanetley displaced are Black. What's going to happen to them? You think the government is going to compensate the victims without a backlash from the public? I don't. The victims will be forgotten by the media. Then once again it will be business as usual. No adequate compensation, if any, will be offered.

    I predict once criminal corporations like Halliburton begin to clean up the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and Mississippi will be hot real estate. However the real estate market will be so hot displaced residents won't be able to return or buy any property they once owned (mark my word). Black people will be completely shut out of any redevelopment.

    So we're back to question #1. What happens to our people next? I believe every righteous African American should begin to gather signatures to petition civil rights organizations to present a law suit against governmemt institutions responsible for this crime to the United Nations on behalf of the victims of hurricane Katrina. Let's walk the walk.

    Some form of justice and reparation must be paid. Forget about the governmemt investigating itself. Ain't gonna happen. Forget about marching. I think we've got enough out of marching. Economic boycott? Perhaps. But something meaningful must be done. If we continue to tolerate abuse from vermin that run this corrupt government nothing will change. We need to stand up and formulate new and progressive ideas to get results. Let's start tomorrow.

    God Bless!