Black People : Its The Foolish And Educated Mind That Believe Slavery Is Over!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Its the Foolish And Educated Mind That Say Technically Slavery Is Over, Such Is The Double Talking Of A Lying Deceiving Mind!!!
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
I share with Black Afrikans the need of various aspect of action needed to be taken by Black Afrikans in order for us to be on a path that leads to Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom and what do you do, nothing but what Black Afrikans been trained to do by that white racist using negro Afrikans to condition you to do, and that is question nothing that white racist and negro Afrikan have you to do and that is believed and not Think.
Who in the hell confessing to being Black Afrikan will entertain or will allow your self to be entertained to be told that technically Slavery is over, if you buy into such a lie with deception, then why are your Black *** is still here in America talking about Reparation/Repatriation, police brutality, rape, homosexuality in the positive and is acceptable to the behavior os pedophilia?
No, No answer me, share with me what in the hell does technically slavery is over mean, and here your Black behind is allowing your self to be entertained believing in such a statement.
The past is a reflection of your present and if there has been something that happened in your past that was horrible to your living condition and you failed to correct it, then that horrible situation just does not fade away with time, no, time does not act like that, it does not allow its presence to be manipulated even though you attempt to manipulate time, to believe you can manipulate time is like saying that you believe you can manipulate the Greater Good-God the Divine Essence of us all, because Time is an attribute of the Greater Good-God, just as Nature, Truth, and Reality is, beloved!!!
As long as I have to be a voice of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors condemning the action of Chattel Slavery and as long as Reparation/Repatriation has not been paid to our Enslaved Ancestors there is nothing technical about what that type of spirit coming from the criminal who committed the crime of Chattel Slavery against our Enslaved Ancestors represent to be in the present, still active, Chattel Enslavement.
America Racism and Unjust prejudice represent Slavery to the Black Afrikan Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors and as long as the crime of Chattel Slavery has not been penalized, the mentality of enforced Chattel Slavery enforcement is very active in the present time, there is nothing technical about the era of Chattel Slavery, either it is over or it is not, no in-between and Black Afrikans you with pride of being Black Afrikan don't you go for such deceiving jargon about an event that white racist in our face today is saying America does not have to respect any Freedom, Justice, Independence that is associated with Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation, which now is Divided caused by the implementers of Chattel Slavery and Afrikans colonizers in Afrika.
Just by the criminal that committed the crime of Chattel Slavery against our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors make claim that the Emancipation gave to our Enslaved Ancestors the end to that institution, it does not make it so to be true, a crime is outstanding as long as there is no solving of the crime been made and as long as America refuse to pay to the victims of Chattel Slavery, then slavery is alive and on going in America and ain't no trick talk is going to represent that a solution has been accomplished in regards to Chattel Slavery and as a descendant of my Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors and an advocate of the Reparation/Repatriation to be paid to my Enslaved Ancestors and the spirit still shown by America toward our Enslaved Ancestors is a criminal one like shown to our Enslaved Ancestors to be the enforcers and implimenters of Chattel Slavery serve to be evident that in Real Time, today, Slavery is an active condition of Black Afrikan people in America not by choice, which mean is active everywhere Black Afrikans reside today and don't you ever ignore that fact as long as America refuse to pay Reparation/Repatriation to our Enslaved Ancestors, Black Afrikan people!!!

Beloved do not believe anything those negro integrationist assimilationist will have you to believe and never think about, they are enemies to Afrika and your Black Afrikan unity of Freedom, beloved!!!
Divine Respect
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