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    The following was shared from: It is a renering of a speech delivered by Brother Muamar Qaddafi in Free Town, Siera Leone enroute to the African Union Summit in Accra, Ghana, 2007:

    The Leader (Brother Muamar Qaddafi) addressed the huge masses of Sierra Leone at a rally (in Free Town). Speaking in English at the beginning of his speech saying:

    “Most people of this country are Muslims, Islam spread here without arms, without terrorism and without explosions.

    Islam spread here in West Africa as it did in Indonesia peacefully, by culture, by understanding. Islam will continue to expand in the world peacefully and without terrorism or arms.

    We thank Allah that the majority here are Muslims living in peace with their Christian brothers and affiliates of other religions.

    We encourage your merger and inter-marriages between Muslims and Christians, because the Religion belongs to Allah, and Sierra Leone belongs to all Sierra Leoneans.”

    The Leader pursued his speech in the Arabic Language, he said:

    “I am happy and thank you for the warm popular reception at a late hour of last night. I am sorry( I apologize) that I was late and you have been waiting for me since morning till night.

    I am here in Sierra Leone in my country and among my brothers. I am African and this is Africa.

    I would like to tell you that these days we are standing at a cross road. Before us is a dangerous historical turning point. Africa: to be or not to be.

    These are decisive hours that will decide the fate of the African continent.

    Now is the time for the real mobilization of the African people, youth, women and men.

    In Accra, after two or three days, the voice of the African people must be heard; not the voice of rulers in Africa.

    What do African people want? The African people want African unity. We want strength, peace and stability in Africa.

    What do you want? You want the unity of Africa. You want a very strong Africa like Europe, like the United States. One African people. One African Unity. One African Army. One African currency. And, one African identity.

    After more than 40 years and we are meeting in the summit and nothing has changed in the African reality.

    Why? Because Africa's destiny was in the hands of the rulers, only. Rulers meet in closed halls. They agree and disagree. This reflects on the African reality. And the peoples knew nothing.

    This should (must) change.

    Now, the voice of the African people should (must) be heard. The youth's voice. The women's voice.

    Voices of all the men and women, is what should(must) be heard and what should decide Africa's destiny.

    From now on, Africa's destiny shouldn't (must not) be decided by a handful of rulers.

    This is why African people's activists began to meet these days in such gatherings.

    Activists of more than 40 African countries met in Tripoli about four or five days ago. And a statement was issued at the gathering which gathered all the African activists and decided to immediately establish the unitary government. And from now on, time shouldn't (must not) be wasted.

    And in Bamako, women met and decided the same thing and issued the same statement.

    In Conakry, just as you saw, witnessed and heard; there was a huge meeting in a stadium just like this one yesterday. The activists decided the same thing that was decided by Tripoli and Bamako activists.

    And, now here in Freetown…

    By the grace of Allah, I will meet with other activists in Cote D'Ivoire and Ghana.

    And there are other meetings in Kampala, South Africa and Senegal.

    This indicates that we Africans have begun to move. We have sensed that time is quickly passing by. Europe is uniting which is a dangerous challenge that confronts us. America is already a great power. South America is uniting. Asia is uniting in several blocs, in ASEAN, the independent countries and south Asia.

    And this indicates that the Africans have become conscious. And this is a new and a very important thing.

    We were not conscious in the past. We left our destiny to the rulers. And, they knew nothing, they didn't agree. And dozens of years were wasted. The Organization of African Unity failed in the unity. It was called the Organization of African Unity but it didn't realize the unity...which means it has failed.

    Are we going to allow the African Union to fail just as the Organization of African Unity has failed?

    This matter is left to the African people.

    Certainly the answer is no. We don't want the African Union to fail just as the Organization has failed.

    We are crawling in Accra's direction and not like the usual rulers. Now, we are crawling through the masses; through the conscious African masses today.

    We don't want to beg Europe again. We don't want to become beggars to America. We don't want to become slaves again.

    We want to be free! We want this continent to become strong just like the other continents. This can only be realized by unity. With a genuine effective unitary instrument.

    This is the cross road we are in now:

    We either succeed or fail: live or die.

    Brothers, it hurts me to see African youth cross Libyan coasts in the direction of Europe in rotten boats and they drown in the Mediterranean Sea and become food for the Mediterranean fish.

    The European press and other media comment on that saying, “look at the African youth, look at the beggars they are coming to us across the sea.” They enjoy reading the news how a boatload drowned and how youth died and were eaten by fish. They even take enjoyable pictures of them.

    This must stop, too.

    Do not immigrate to Europe. Live and die in Africa.

    Our continent is richer than Europe.

    Africa is the richest continent (in the entire world). How come its people become beggars?

    How come, we are a rich continent with poor people?

    Europe is the poor one. And because of that it occupied Africa in order to take African raw materials. They take African agricultural (produce), fruits and vegetables.

    In Europe, they do not have gold and diamonds.

    These coasts are called Coasts of Gold and of Ivory. Here in Africa there is gold, diamonds and precious metals. Here there is brass, cobalt, magnesium and all raw materials. But they are not utilized because Africa is not united. We did not make an executive tool to realize this.

    You're rich and the Europeans are poor. How can the rich go to the poor and beg him?.

    Listen, my children:

    Don't leave your African continent. Stay here in Africa. Work here in Africa.

    How can you leave your continent and go to another continent? This is a shameful thing for the Africans (to do).

    They need Africa. They (must) come to us as slaves and workers. It is not us that goes to them either slaves or beggars.

    From now on, don't go to Europe.

    From now on, no migration from Africa.

    Struggle (here), on the African continent. We live in the African continent. Africa is paradise. The rain is here. The rivers are here. The fresh lakes are here. The forests are here. The fertile land is here. Raw materials are here. Humans are here; the mighty humans.

    The African is a mighty individual in the world. We have a physical capability that no other race has.

    How can we humiliate ourselves now and go Europe like beggars.

    One does not starve in Africa. But one can starve in Europe.

    Who is your mother? Africa or Europe? We want an answer.

    The masses reply with us: Africa.

    Of course, Africa.

    How can you leave your mother and go to another?

    Remain here with your mother, and you either live and die.

    Who gives us milk? Our mother? Or another strange woman? It is our mother who gives you milk.

    Hence, Africa is who breast feeds us. She gives us milk.

    Stay here in Africa. Stay here in Africa. We have all the capabilities. But we lack the tools that makes use of these capabilities.

    I listened carefully to a review of some of aid presented to you by your brothers in Libya, in the speech of my brother, Hajj. Ahmed. This is a fraternal duty. But this cannot save Sierra Leone or Libya. Aid cannot make the future of people. What makes the future is work. Here work in agriculture, in industry and in all fields.

    I know that this country suffered from many internal problems and civil war. This is the result of African separation because each African country is isolated by itself.

    I asked the Head of an African country, why do you leave your country? He told me because my country is a small one and anyone with 30 soldiers can take over power. This is something that makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

    If Africa was one nation like the United States of America or like Europe, would it be possible that 30 soldiers to rule this part of Africa? It would be impossible because there is one African Central Government. And there is one African Army of more than 2 million soldiers. In this case, a person feels assured and he can travel and leave this place.

    This example shows us the unfortunate state of each African country alone. Nevertheless, we will not ignore the situation we are living in due to partition and without the establishment of African unity. We must treat the wounds now existing in this respect. I highly appreciate the efforts of my dear brother Al-Hajj Ahmed Kabbah who with his sincerity towards you and his strong will and personal ability was able to heal the wounds of Sierra Leone. These are wounds of all of us Africans. Therefore, this effort deserves appreciation and support.

    There are wounds in Africa that need loyal men like President Al-Hajj. Ahmed Kabbah.

    In order to continue supporting this effort to heal these wounds, especially in Sierra Leone, I will urge the Gathafi Foundation for International Charitable Associations to open an office here in Sierra Leone to work side by side with international charitable associations here. Also, the World Islamic Call Society will do the same thing.

    We will work on bringing together the displaced families due to the civil war and to help the victims of this civil war and to rehabilitate them to live the good life.

    We will compliment the other international efforts here.

    I thank you for this warm, fraternal and cordial reception.

    Your brothers in Libya are watching you and applaud you. They are greatly touched by these popular receptions which are transmitted to them live on the air.

    Long live Africa!

    Long live African Unity !

    Long live the United States of Africa!

    The struggle is on!

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    africa 4 live

    Long live Africa!

    Long live African Unity !

    Long live the United States of Africa!

    The struggle is on!

    preach brother.
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    With Obansanjo OUT of the PICTURE. I guess BIG PLANS are EXPECTED. I don't know about QUADDAFI. He comes out with BIG TALK then DIPS OUTSIDE the RADAR. Is he trying to put a FACE to this NEW SO CALLED African REVOLUTION (HIGH MINDED POLTICAL MATTERS) like CHAVEZ did with SOUTH AMERICA.

    For me this is a WAIT and SEE.

    Oh well.

    Speaking of Sierra Leone there is a MASTERMIND I do want to SHINE a bit on another thread which for most people in here MIGHT be TALKING DEAD.
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    African Union Mission to the USA

    Vibe Ghana published a new entry entitled "African Union Launches First Diplomatic Mission to U.S." on 7/12/2007 2:57:52 PM, written by VIBE GHANA.


    African Union Launches First Diplomatic Mission to U.S.

    The African Union (AU) has officially launched its diplomatic mission to the United States. Senior officials from the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa and officials of the Bush administration and Congress were said to be on hand during the launch Wednesday night in Washington.

    Amina Salum Ali is the African Union’s ambassador to the United States. She told VOA the new office would promote greater understanding between the peoples of the United States and Africa.

    “The purpose of the African Union Diplomatic Mission, one of the first outside of Africa, is to work with governments, Congress, international organizations, civil society in the Diaspora, and all friends of Africa and those who are focused to do business with Africa,” Ali said.

    The African Union has always had a United Nations Mission. Ali said the Washington Mission would have a different role.

    “Before, African Union office in New York used to deal with United Nations issues and all other bilateral issues. But now we have separated the functions. So the New York office will concentrate more on United Nations issues, and my office in Washington, we are concentrating more on bilateral issues, international organizations, Diaspora, and then of course IMF, World Bank, and all other bilateral issues between the American people and Africa,” she said.

    The African Union has for years been discussing having a mission in Washington. Ambassador Ali said several concerns considered before launching the office.

    “The decision was taken quite a long time ago. But sometimes it takes time; it takes resources, and it takes capacity, in terms of human capacity to be able to establish an office. So although the decision was taken since 10, 15 years ago, it was only last year we operationalized because we didn’t have enough capacity, enough resources,” she said.

    The U.S. appointed Cindy Courville in the fall of 2006 as the first U.S. Ambassador accredited to the African Union.

    Ambassador Ali said the new AU office would promote greater understanding between the peoples of the United States and Africa.

    “It signifies that U.S. and Africa relations are quite warm, and there’s an opportunity for relations to get warmer, to get more programs and more partnership between America and Africa,” she said.

    Ali said one of the major duties of the new AU office would be to promote relations between the African Union and the African Diaspora.

    “You know we have 21 mandates. But I could say the biggest mandate is to deal with the Diaspora. So what we started to do is to introduce our office. So we started to introduce our office in Philadelphia. We’ve met the government there; we’ve met the Diaspora. We are going to visit other states and other cities because we believe we have to do outreach programs because this is where people are. People are not only in Washington. We are going to meet more as we go along,” Ali said.

    Permalink: VIBEGHANA.COM/2007/07/12/african-union-launches-first-diplomatic-mission-to-us.aspx
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    Pan-African Development Fund

    Namibia: Pan African Fund to Encourage Development

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    The Namibian (Windhoek)

    6 July 2007
    Posted to the web 6 July 2007

    Tonderai Katswara

    OLD Mutual has commended the regional initiative of the newly formed Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF) saying it would assist and hasten the development process on the continent, and foster economic growth.

    Old Mutual's African Operations Managing Director, Johannes !Gawaxab was one of the many delegates who witnessed the launching of N$4,2 billion PAIDF over the past weekend in Accra, Ghana during the ninth African Union Summit.

    !Gawaxab lauded the idea saying this would also advance Namibia's economic development.

    "The newly launched Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund provides an additional financing source for infrastructure development, promotes domestic capital formation and enlarges the investible universe in Namibia," said !Gawaxab.

    Old Mutual Namibia has invested more than N$350 million towards PAIDF.

    Initial investors for the fund included Ghana's Social Security and National Insurance Trust, South Africa's Public Investment Corporation, The African Development Bank (AfDB), The Development Bank of South Africa and the Barclays Bank/ABSA Group.

    Old Mutual Group together with Metropolitan and Standard Bank Group - all from the southern Africa region - formed the rest of the investors for the fund, which is largely managed by personnel from South Africa.

    International financiers from the European Union and other western countries are expected to come on board over the next six months and top the capital.

    The fund has been hailed by many saying it would help create an investment platform for much needed basic infrastructure in Africa and accelerate growth for sustainable development.

    It is expected to bring about economic changes as adequate and properly functioning infrastructure contributes to the competitiveness of a country.

    The PAIDF intends to raise N$8,4 billion and which would be channelled specifically into infrastructural development in the transport, energy, water and sanitation, and telecommunications sectors across the continent.

    Relevant Links

    Southern Africa
    Economy, Business and Finance
    Company News

    "Many African economies are too small to achieve economies of scale which means that transactional costs are high, there is significant lack of competitiveness and a high cost of capital prevails," said !Gawaxab.

    According to press reports from Ghana, the PAIDF Chief Executive Officer, Tshepo Mahloepe, was this week quoted saying there are already 18 projects on the pipeline vying for funding.

    He also said there were strident investment procedures for the fund in place which required that not more than 25 per cent would be invested in a particular region, not more than 20 per cent would be invested in a particular country and not more than 30 per cent in a particular sector.
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    Accra Declaration

    The Accra Declaration Edit

    Accra Declaration

    Accra Mail (Accra)
    4 July 2007
    Posted to the web 4 July 2007

    The Assembly of the Union, meeting at its 9th Ordinary Session in Accra, Ghana, from 1 to 3 July 2007,

    RECALLING our decision Assembly/AU/Dec. 156 (VIII) adopted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in January 2007 on the need for a "Grand Debate on the Union Government" with a view to providing a clear vision of the future of the African Union and of African unity;

    CONVINCED that the ultimate objective of the African Union is the United States of Africa with a Union Government as envisaged by the founding fathers of the Organization of African Unity and, in particular, the visionary leader, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana;

    ALSO CONVINCED of the need for common responses to the major challenges of globalization facing Africa and boosting regional integration processes through an effective continental mechanism;

    RECOGNIZING that opening up narrow domestic markets to greater trade and investment through freer movement of persons, goods, services and capital would accelerate growth thus, reducing excessive weaknesses of many of our Member States;

    FURTHER RECOGNIZING that the Union Government should be built on common values that need to be identified and agreed upon as benchmarks;

    ACKNOWLEDGING the importance of involving the African peoples in order to ensure that the African Union is a Union of peoples and not just a "Union of states and governments", as well as the African Diaspora in the processes of economic and political integration of our continent;


    1. We agree to accelerate the economic and political integration of the African continent, including the formation of a Union Government for Africa with the ultimate objective of creating the United States of Africa.

    2. We agree on the following steps to attaining the Union Government: a) to rationalize and strengthen the Regional Economic Communities, and harmonize their activities, in conformity with our earlier decision, so as to lead to the creation of an African Common Market, through the stages set in the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community (Abuja Treaty), with a reviewed and shorter timeframe to be agreed upon in order to accelerate the economic and, where possible, political integration;

    b) to conduct immediately, an Audit of the Executive Council in terms of Article 10 of the Constitutive Act, the Commission as well as the other organs of the African Union in accordance with the Terms of Reference adopted by the 10th Extraordinary Session of our Executive Council held in Zimbali, South Africa on 10 May 2007;

    c) to establish a ministerial Committee to examine the following:

    i.) identification of the contents of the Union Government concept and its relations with national governments;

    ii.) identification of domains of competence and the impact of the establishment of the Union Government on the sovereignty of member states;

    iii.) definition of the relationship between the Union Government and the Regional Economic Communities (RECs),

    iv.) elaboration of the road map together with timeframes for establishing the Union Government; and

    v.) identification of additional sources of financing the activities of the Union.

    3. The outcome of the audit and the work of the Ministerial Committee will be submitted to the Executive Council, to make appropriate recommendations to the next ordinary session of our Assembly.

    4. We agree on the importance of involving the African peoples, including Africans in the Diaspora, in the processes leading to the formation of the Union Government.

    DONE IN ACCRA, this 3RD day of July 2007

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