Black Poetry : Its On: calling out all suckers

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    ITS ON: calling all suckers out

    By Andre Austin

    You could have had me like an Angel’s Servant

    Ready on the go for the show don’t you know

    Maybe in the bizz, if that’s the way it is

    But now my temperature rises red to an irate glow

    I could have delivered all that you want

    But now its on who will blink first and cast the first blow

    Death, Death, Death and more Death

    Its on, you waiting to exhale on your last breath, breath, breath

    The die is cast

    It’s the power, for eternity, it comes at last

    All the Signifying Gorillas runs for bananas real fast

    Until the trap runs down, and then u get the blast

    I pay $ 2 to see hoes in white robes play roles they were cast

    Then release King Kong-Roscoe-Willie who likes to be free at last

    Free to run into the black soil like he was a Cowboy- bull with a plow

    Then lick all the rest up until a tootsie skinny lady rolls up the Owl

    Like Popcorn, Like Popcorn

    Its on, its on, its on

    Lets get it on

    Disrespecting the friends I’ve known since I was 8

    Hold up a minute like a pimp I say wait

    Its on big baby, its on, and our hands will never shake; its too late

    Cutting the wax wings with rays from the Sr. Disciples of Hate

    Lets go to the gun-shop and pick up a shining black thirty-Eight

    From the primordial Hills will a Black Anointed figure Rise

    Not from that Towering headquarters that Criminal Enterprise

    Don’t play with those who have no toys

    U wanna beat me, kidnap me, wipe me out and destroy

    Martyrdom time, you gonna have to pull the trigger

    Too bad black bodies taken out by dumb-azzzz niggge.rsssss

    Giving up the Ghost now its gone

    Pushing up a daisy, Its on, its on, its on

    It’s finished and it was on Like Popcorn

    But like Osiris casket its adorned with stalks of Corn