Chief Elder Osiris : It's Official and I'm STILL Loving It!!

Discussion in 'Chief Elder Osiris' started by anAfrican, Feb 19, 2007.

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    anAfrican/Yaw Manu/Wayne is completely out of his ever loving "human being mind"!! (second born child, born on a thursday[12/01/55])

    Well, anyway I've always thought so. Especially with my total disdain for this whole "capitalism"/"contemporary society" mess; it ain't easy "living" in this mess! But like the man said; this ain't living!! (Again; he used different words, but he did say that!)

    Just finished listening to the Honorable Chief Elder Osiris' first class. Now I understand where that feeling I keep having of knowing what he is saying simply by reading his thread titles.

    By the time I was 30 minutes into this recording, I'm just laying here just laughing my ... well, "a lot". It is completely like listening to myself! Sure, I very often don't use the same words in the same order, but, as I've said before; we're on the same page! "Oh What a Feeling!!"

    Thank You for a Wonderful Offering, Chief Elder!! Looking forward to more!! And that presentation style is so absolutely perfect!! Almost even better than the "set destruction*" employed in your writing style. It's like those masters of eastern philosophies that never get angry: when one fully Understands/Masters the All/Divine Mind, one Knows that there is absolutely no sense/reason for anger/haste in/about anything!

    (*Using the tools in a completely different way that forces one to either not continue reading, or continue reading and, through realizing that it all hangs together after all, causes one to wonder if anything else that one "knows" is as flawed as the "knowledge" one has that the way one is taught to write is actually so "correct". ... er .. did i just blow a "trade secret"?)

    Just ain't never no rest for the Good Folk: now I absolutely gotta figure a way to do chat with one of my faster boxen without doing winbloze ... (hmm that 1.7GHz lappy might be able to do wine well enough to run the win32 flavors of firefox and flash ... but on xubuntu? ubuntu or kubuntu I'd have no question. heck, kubuntu might would handle the job all by itself, but I just can't stand the way that the kde desktop environment uses all them danged k's all over the place. it's like "krispy kreme" or, down the block from me, "kompact kar korner". <grrrr!> .. oops; 'scuse!)


    (I do know what "Namaste" means; I'm coming to have some feel for what "Hotep" means. When, in my mind/understanding, "Hotep" comes to "mean" something "more", then I will use it. I'll not use it simply because everybody else does, but I will admit that in hearing the way Chief Elder Osiris closed that session out with it, that it does mean something that I can come to be One with, but not until I have that certainty of understanding.)

    (And like him: "I don't need no steenking notes!" If I ever try to pre-say anything that I'm gonna say, not only do I not say what it is that I intend to say, I don't ever say what I pre-said I was gonna say, anyway. Like the man said "I never know for sure until I finish saying it. ... What the problem is?" "Earl" - "National Security")

    Oh Thank You, Chief Elder Osiris!! I ain't alone!! I ain't crazy!! :glasses: yippee!! :dance:
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    Oh what a beautiful thing to be enlightened, to hear words that nourish your soul and vibrates truth throughout. I can feel where you are comming from AnAfrican to always know that what you,ve been taught and brought up to believe didn't measure up, but you couldn't put your finger on it exactly and there was nothing to identify with what you were feeling but you knew in your heart you're right, now to finally hear those words that were in you all the time, to finally be able to identify that feeling you always had is a wonderful thing.

    I too have been brought out of darkness into the light from my father's revaltions from our First Way Ancient African Ancestors. The light has always been there but was surrounded by lies and more lies but no more.

    So yes rejoice AnAfrican for only those that are true truth seekers will be able to see and identify that light and you are a true seeker King God AnAfrica:bowdown:


    Hotep was the way our First Way Ancient African Ancestors greeted each other. Hotep's modern interpetation is defined as "God is Pleased". Our Master Teacher Chief Elder teaches that, that force of energy does not have emotional expressions and has redefined Hotep to mean that "We must act and behave in such a way that will be pleasing to the First Way Ancient African Ancestors" so there fore when we meet or leave eachother we use the greeting "Hotep".


    Goddess Kalifa