Black Short Stories : It's In His Kiss


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Apr 30, 2006
“Why are you still standing there I thought I made it clear that we are over,” Simone was not in the mood for Jerome’s Lame excuses, not this time. He held a boutique of flowers up to her face, as if she would fall into his arms. She had been stupid in the past, but it was time for a change. She had given him three wasted years and it was time that she made up for her loss. “Baby, I’m…….” He couldn’t finish because her apartment door slammed shut in his face.
She was so sick of doing for someone who would never do for themself. He always wore the latest fashions, while she was stuck looking like a housewife with ten kids. She had so many run over slippers she could start a vintage shop. He didn’t work all he knew how to do was drugs and go to jail. And there she was at the jail, writing him letters and even bailing him out. Yes it was true she had been the fool, but not anymore. She stepped out of her fuzzy slippers and her pink floral pajamas, it was a new day and she was a new woman.
Simone let the water of the shower caress her body, it felt good to finally indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Now that Rome was gone she had never knew things could be so great. Nothing tasted the same, and when it came to looking at herself in the mirror she had to admit she was a bad mama. She slipped into a silky navy blue knee length dress and matching strapless heels. She was about to do things the way they had never been done, but the way they were suppose to be.

The lights inside the small café were dim and on the stage a skinny black girl belted out “Summer-time” into the microphone. She sounded good, and Simone stopped to sway to the music. From the distance she could see her two friend’s right where they were every Saturday night, in the corner section by the bar. She walked over wondering if they would notice her without her bunny slippers. Melanie the light skinned goofy one immediately reacted.
“Aww hell what is this coming up in here,” she said over the music.
“Hell if I know but looks like a ghost to me,” Felicia smirked.
“Now either she done got rid of that wannabe gangster pimp or I dun had to many **** apple martinis.” Melanie laughed.
They were surprised to see her; they had a right to be. Whenever they had asked her to come along, she was either to busy taking care of Jerome or too busy pretending to be happy taking care of him.
Simone closed her eyes and shook her head yes, assuring them that she had really left him this time. They all three hugged and screamed to the top of their lungs.
“Thank you Jesus, I knew all that praying in the shower, at prayer meeting, in the car, every **** where would work?” Felicia hugged Simone tightly.
“I am so happy for you girl, just make sure you mean it this time.” Melanie held out her hand.
Simone took a seat when a young handsome waiter appeared. They all just kind of stared and check him out and gave each other the “LOOK”.
“May I get you ladies anything,” He asked.
“No, No…….we’re just peachy.” Felicia stuttered.
“Speak for yourself girl. I’ll have some Thank You Jesus, With a Side of Lawd Ham Mercy, with some Good Gawd to drink,” Melanie stared at the young man who just smiled.
“And You Mrs. ….” He looked at Simone.
“Its Ms. and I’ll have whatever you are offering.” Her look was seductive and her friends giggled.
Hell she might even have seconds of whatever he was offering especially after being with Jerome A.k.a Romi Rome. For that fact she might even have some **** dessert she was a free woman and she was not about to let opportunity slip underneath her Prada heels.

Simone had, had her fill of about three Fuzzy Navels and about ten or so singers and poets. Her watch clearly stated that it was after midnight, and she knew there was church in the morning. She wished her friends well and goodbye and made her way to the Exit. She was almost their when the young man from earlier stepped into her path. “Wow, you startled me,” Simone held her chest.
“My deepest apologies, may I see you to your car.” He asked politely
He was a real gentleman, which was something Simone didn’t know if she could get used to. Jerome always said, Hey baby lets roll out,” even if she wasn’t ready to go he never asked, hell he didn’t care.
He opened the door and Simone held her leather coat to her medium frame. It was windy and she prayed her knee length skirt did not fly up. “I am sorry you must see me as a rude man, I’m Jackson,” He extended his hand.
“Nice meeting you Jackson, I’m Simone.” She took his hand and smiled.
She was floored she had never seen a more beautiful set of teeth. In fact, she had never seen any mans teeth. Mr. “I’ma get slugged up” had gold plates on almost every tooth.
His hand was also warm and smooth, not rough and ashy.
“So you wait tables here every Saturday,” she asked.
Jackson Laughed and looked around.
“What’s so funny,” she asked confused at his apparent amusement.
“I don’t wait tables…. I own the place.” He smiled.
“Oh, Oh My god I’m sorry I didn’t know.” She apologized.
“Its quite alright, I just came over to see if such a beautiful woman needed anything, after all I have a lot to offer,” He looked into her eyes.
Simone looked away, was she really ready for dating just yet?
“Really, and what’s that….” Before he could answer a car alarm went off and Simone’s heart stopped.

**** Jerome and all that he stood for, how could he do this to her, to her car. All she could see was broken glass and red paint on her Volvo. He had really gone to far this time. She didn’t want Jackson to know that she had a crazy ex that wouldn’t let up; it would probably scare him off.
“If it’s okay with you I’ll take you home,” He offered. She barely knew him for all she knew he could have been a killer or worst married to a psychotic jealous killer. She didn’t know whether to say yes or no but she had to say something. She couldn’t be a fool, and the given circumstances told her that Jerome would probably be waiting at her doorstep. And one thing that she knew about him was he was really a coward other men he would never stand up to them, without his clique. She had to say yes, how would she ever get to know Jackson if she didn’t learn to trust him first. What she did know was Jerome had gone too far and pay back was a real *****, and it's name was Simone Craig

Stay Tuned for Part 2>>>>>>


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Apr 30, 2006
Part 2

Simone tried to appear as if riding home with a man she had just met did not bother her. Her body language said that she was very uncomfortable. “I don’t see you in the café often, and who are those women you were with,” Jackson tried to break the silence. “well I haven’t been in a while, and those were my two best friends,” she held her hands between her lap as if she was cold. He had a nice truck she had to admit it. She had never seen luxury like this. His pearl white navigator made her feel like a queen sitting next to a king. They pulled up in front of her apartment, and surprisingly Jerome was not there. Jackson rushed out of the truck to open her door, but she was already out. She felt like a fool, she wasn’t use to men opening doors. More like slamming them and sayin “ima holla at u when you ready to act right” They walked in silence before Simone spoke.
“I’m grateful that you went out of your way to bring me home…” she stuttered.
“Anytime…plus that last singer was--- pretty bad,” they both laughed.
Simone caught herself entwined in his eyes. They were beautiful dark brown and he had long eyelashes. Simone reached her door and didn’t know what to say next.
“Well Madame I am thrilled to have made your acquaintance and you may stop by anytime,” he reached out for her hand and kissed it. Simone blushed and went inside the house as he walked back to his truck. She slid down the door, and onto the floor, that man was about to be hers, and she knew that.

“brothers and sisters, children of god lets us bow our heads for sister Margaret Fairchild who is on our sick and shut in list for today,” Reverend Cole prayed. Simone bowed her head but thought to herself ‘she aint sick she at the racetrack’ Lord knows it was a beautiful day. The sun shined in the baby blue sky and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Simone looked up to the heavens and thanked god for this wonderful day……until.
Across the street at the liquor store a familiar voice called her name.
“hey baby, you look good,”
There he was Mr. Romi Rome himself, and god forbid her actions but he was about to receive a hallelujah beat down. ‘lord you know I am your child and I pray that you forgive me for my actions,’
She walked across the street in traffic, she didn’t even look first.
“You crusty black no good son of a *****,” she said.
“hold on Holy roller aint that not god like,” some guy standing by rome said.
Simone paid him no attention it was rome she was after.
“Aw baby don’t be like that you know I love you,” he grabbed her and squeeze her behind underneath her dress.
Before she knew it she had slugged him so hard in the face he stumbled backwards.
Right as he was getting up two young men from church came up.
“He bothering you Ms. Craig.” The boys asked.
“Yeah if he is let us know,” three more boys came up.
Rome and his little sidekick disappeared, the look in his eyes said” it ain’t ova”.


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Apr 30, 2006
Simone sat with a cup of chamomile tea and read the Sunday paper. More havoc in the world, just what she needed to complete her day. A ‘Goodtimes’ re-run flashed across the screen, and Simone remembered being a child. She was just like the Evans kids she didn’t have much, but a god fearing mother and hard down father kept her on the right track. A knock came to her door and shook her quickly back to reality. She knew no one visited her on Sunday, except her mother. She rushed to the door hoping to see her mother on the other side with some homemade apple pie. She thrusts open the door and almost lost her footing. Just like the previous night, he stood there looking like he should be on somebody’s magazine cover. “Jackson?” She asked surprised.
“Hey, hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” He said looking over her shoulder.
“No….nothing,” She smiled.
“Sorry to just drop by buy I was on my way home from church and……”
She didn’t even catch what he said next, the word church echoed inside her head. This man had joking, he did have a lot to offer and she was beginning to see.
“I mean I was just going to stop by and check on you and see how things were…….may I come in,” he asked
“Um,” she did have to clean up her room, but who said they were going there?
“Sure why not,” she exclaimed stepping aside to let him in.
Oh la la, the man smelled good, she knew that had to be some expensive cologne that he wore. He had her looking “crazy in love” like Beyonce.
“This is a warm place you have here,” he said looking around.
She had hear her place called a lot of things, but warm?
“Thank you,” she said hoping that it was a comment.
“So your car…….update?” He said quizzically.
“Well I had my cousin tow it to his shop; hopefully he can repaint it and fix the windshield. I had to go to church on the bus. You know I couldn’t see anything for Sister Josephine’s ten gallon hat. My neck still hurts.” She said rubbing her neck.
To her surprise he was laughing so hard he was gasping for breath.
“Are you ok….oh my god I’ll get you some water,” she panicked
He held her arm and she stood confused. “No I’m alright, its just I love your sense of humor. A lot of sisters are to stiff these days,” he sat down and rested.
Well she was just speaking the truth, but she would do anything to see those pretty white teeth.
“Let me cut to the chase, I came over here because you made a huge impact on me last night. And I think you are a beautiful intelligent woman……I know what you’re going to say. I know you have a crazy ex that won’t let up. But I want to be your future. I came over here Simone to ask you out on a date.” He looked into her eyes, almost to her soul.
She stood there feeling like he was speaking like the mother on Charlie brown. All she heard was whomp, whomp, whomp DATE. Was she really ready for that?
“Look I don’t know if im ready for that, I mean I just broke up with my boyfriend, and…….” She was cut off by his hand on hers.
“I understand that Simone and I won’t force you to do anything. How about we call it a friendly gathering, I’ll make dinner, whatever you want.” He smiled.
****, it was apparent that he was serious about seeing her, and obviously Jerome’s childish endeavors did not faze him.
“And Simone, trust me your man doesn’t scare me at all, as long as he doesn’t harm you I’ll keep my friends off him,” he smirked
“Friends,” was he that powerful that he had goons.
“Yeah, two of um knuckle and foot,” they both laughed.
She liked Jackson he was a great person to be around. She just hoped he was real and not another showcase brother.
“Ill leave you with this, if you decide to do it call me, if you don’t then you’re still alright with me girl,” he handed her a card.
This man got sexier by the minute, and thanks to Jerome not being there every night she was way past due on her booty call odometer. When his warm lips kissed her small, soft hand she almost was a cartoon character and melted into the cement of her walkway. And when she watched him walk away in that clean suit and dress shoe she had to say. AMEN!

Another depressing day at work, two people had already called in and she was on the verge of firing someone. She was team lead for the morning shift at bank, and if one more person miss counted someone’s money they were out. “Simone I have to go to the bathroom,” Holly a little pregnant Spanish girl whined. The line for a Monday morning was already exceptionally long, and she only had three tellers. “Bye holly,” she said with a little but too much attitude. Just when she thought things would get no worst there was the big boss lady. Simone could not stand that she worked for such an uppity, unconstitutional woman. If you told her you broke your foot….she’s say did you do it here. If you said you feel faint, she’d say not in front of the customer. That woman had some nerve and if she came over and said her normal routine Helllllllu oh Simone was going off. Who in the hell wore fur in the dead of spring wasn’t it hot enough. She sashayed over, her nose high above smelling **** level. “Well…….helllllu everyone.” She belted. Simone tried to hold it but for the life of her it came out anyways. “HELLO, HELLO……”she yelled. Some customers just stared at her.
“Simone that tome was completely unacceptable. Now if you think you are in your ‘hood chilling with the homies you need to check out the scenery dear. This is not one of your little shin digs or shall I say hole in the walls. We must have proper etiquette and tone at all times.”
**** she hated that *****, if she could afford it she would reach over that counter and snatch her wig clean off. Probably throw it in the garbage on the way out…that was where it belonged.
Simone apologized and excused herself to the back. Lord just one more hour and she would be free of the African slave driver and all her overseers. She slipped her hand inside her pocket for a cigarette, forgetting she had dropped the habit two years prior. Instead she found Jackson’s card…….
What could it hurt him cooking her dinner, her looking at those beautiful dimples and everything else.
Plus after her day she needed to see someone smile even if it wasn’t her.

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