Black People : It's hard being broad minded after reading this

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    This is a tragic story about 2 special needs young people who went missing July 25,2015
    21 year old diamond Bynum and her nephew 2 year old nephew King Walker. A national
    alert went out and an intense search and nine months later they still remain missing,

    The family passed out "deliver me home" flyers I have one still hanging on the side
    of my refrigerator. They went missing 9 months ago, They remain out of our presence
    I thought of them today and decided to due a check on them. I came across this
    shocking article written about them.

    I assume the comments that were posted following the article were written by white people
    because if they were blacks writing this kind of trash they need to be tar feathered and sent
    running down a line of a hundred black folks and beaten with a knotted rope by each person.

    I think of the times in past when white girls and ladies went missing. I would see black people
    on T.V. standing among whites in prayer vigils holding candles and offering sympathy to the white
    families. I never ran across any foul or racist comments posted on any websites racially slurring the
    missing white women.

    I am the parent of an young man who was born with infantile autism. He has difficulty with speech.
    I remember the first day of high school for him, his bus driver accidently dropped him off at my sister in-law home. He let him off the bus and drove off without checking to see if anyone would
    even let him in the door. My sister-in-law just happened to be home.
    Now what if she hadn't been home and my son wandered away, he couldn't tell anyone his name
    or where he lived.

    He would have ended up like Diamond and King. Missing. Just think he too would have been called
    a "******" and a "retard baboon" in a white racist online site.
    I was feeling pretty good today until I ran across this garbage. It's hard sometimes to think
    in terms of brotherhood with these type of white fiends roaming the planet. I guess I am just being
    imperfectly human.:cry ron::crying:

    "Please take note of the hate filled and racist 30 comments following the article about Diamond and King"