Writing Discussion : It's Called a "Round Robin"


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Nov 16, 2011
"Girlfriend, after seven months you gotta let a ***** go. I don't even know why you lamentin' over that Tyron--Tyreek--Tyrone ***** anyway."

"His name was Elmor IV."

"His name could be Shaka Zaire, that ***** no good. Let me tell you, there ain't never been no good Black men never. Should I repeat myself? What you need is a White *****. I'm telling you the troof. A White ***** will solve all of your problems. Have you never seen Pocahontas? Sure, sure, sure that **** is a cartoon, but ***** let me tell you, that is the troof."

"No thanks."

"Girl, I'm telling you. Don't mind how the John Smith ***** went and invaded another people's land, that White ***** was alright."

"Thanks, but can I be alone."

"No, no, no, you coming out with me. I'm telling you the troof. We need to get you some White *****."

"Hold on a moment, my phone is ringing." Eliza holds up her hand and engages in a casual conversation with her caller.

"***** you just lifted your hand to your face. You don't got no phone. We in the 17th century. Matter of fact, I don't even know who Pocohantas is! Whatever *****, I'm done with you. I'm trying to hook you up with a White ***** and all you can do is play me."

"Would you quiet down and close the door when you leave."

Eliza's friend cautiously closes the door. She then takes several steps until realizing that her caution was ill-placed. "That's the last time I visit that *****."

Eliza however wonders. "Is it time for her to start dating again? Or will Elmor wake up to her?"


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Mar 10, 2011
Wow, what a screwed up dream, she was having. she awaken with beads of sweat dripping off her brow and her nite clothes soaked. The 17th Century...what was a dream
so far back from the 21st Century coming to her in a dream. What did it mean, if anything! She was puzzled, who was this Elmor, she knew nothing of him. "I must give Eliza a call and see if she knows him", she stated while making her way to her bath.

Eliza, her BFF was in town to help her to get back into the dating pool. They have a wonderful evening planned and she can't wait to test the waters once again!


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Nov 16, 2011
She and Eliza arrived at Dance Africa and across from them were some very, very cute, dark-skinned men. One smiled at her. She had never told Eliza about her dream, as dreams are always hard to remember, yet there out with the men, the dream seemed to be on her mind more often.

After the gripping performance, the two men asked her and Eliza to sit at a park with them. When they introduced themselves, she was very startled. One was named "Shaka Zaire" and the other "Elmor IV." More interesting was how Elmor insisted that he is "Old Fashioned." She was speechless. When Elmor critiqued "Pocahontas" for its White-Savior-complex, she nearly broke out in a sweat.

When the two men had to entertain a phone call, our hereto nameless protagonist kicked Eliza under the table and said, "Oh my! What do you think of Elmor?"

"He's alright."

"Alright! He's for you!"

"What are you on, Sister?"

"That man! I had a dream of you, him, some crazy woman!"

"Let me guess which one you were!"

"Na, I was you."

"Uhmmm . . .." Just then, Elmor and Shaka came back to tell the women they will be leaving soon. The two asked for phone numbers so Eliza repeated a number which wasn't her own.

"That's not her number. Hers is 345-212-3282. Mine is 321-232-3299." Elmor gave a half-smile wondering why Eliza gave him the wrong number. Shaka tried to kiss both women with no luck. When the two left, Eliza looked again at her friend.

"What in the world?!?"

"Trust me!"

"Trust you!? You gave a wrong number!"

"Whatever. Now what's next?"

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