Black Poetry : its been a while...


Feb 9, 2007
This is for my homies that kept it right in jail
from northern to county, or doing a skid before bail
streets said whaddup sorry we sleeping on tha mail
you already know its the same deal for real
b.m's stay lying, a couple goons dying
some kats feel off, some new dogs grinding
of course them same raunchy hoes still frying
and same punk made men are still hiding
ya family miss you and the streets wont forget you
quick to get it cooking on the haters that diss you
and you know ya girl gon ride like a real ***** do
real **** boo, what you dream at night, i wish too
wouldn't it be funny if politicions went hungry
and somebody said the war on drugs was a waste of money
billions of year still they've made no dent
hey mr. president. seen which way freedom went?
you know, the fame can't change me and i'm here to prove it
i think the birds throwing salt all along knew it
cuz they the ones that making me do it
ruthless, i'm ready blow, trust the fuse lit
R.I.P. the the haters dying to be me
so mad cuz i'm higher then ya trees [piff]
remember when hip hop was bout rhyming cuz it was free
now you talk about cash you tryna get signed as an emcee?
please - i've been a G everyday since my birth
*** ya whips and chains, i know what i'm worth
have nothing but my knowledge when i get covered by dirt
so tell me why i would care where you got ya shirt
like it or not, one day i'mma be something
cuz i'm so sick of the blood money guns bring
i'll die by the words i bring, put work it to be the queen
while the industry gives another mil to a drug fiend


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