Black Poetry : It's Been a While

bring it sweet
bring it fast
and my love
surely will pass
any test
and send ya body
into a confess
of da bliss from
my blazin extreme
eroticness that will
caress and make u scream
have ya body beckoning
coz i rock slow
embrace sweet
sweep u off ya feet
dis love is a journey
a flyte of no return
as u yearn & burn
from da finger touch
and da love clutch
have u in waves
as i fulfill da crave
my love of potion
take u in spend u out
mix u and rock u about
ya toes curl
head swril
eyez roll back
sweat release
as i dip
flip and body whip
the heat of me
is so hot it sticks
and stay on da spot
da Dr. MD
like a pill and fulfill
and send the thrill
have u feelin good
and dreamin deep
when u fall asleep
ready to mix wit dis bliss
com'mo step to it
and get mesmerize
hypnotize and feel
da depth of da
magical one ............
When I catch my breath
I'll tell you this,
guess I'll need an exorcist,
cause the devil in you is now in me,
that's what happens
when sensuality breaks free
time for me to get on top,
don't even think about saying stop,
ride you fast and ride you slow,
where I'll stop you don't know,
watch that you don't holla so,
captured ya inside this flow.
i am da bucker
the rocker
from da bottom
da lip locker
i be da pony
ride me high
and watch how
i make u fly
coz i am da
rump shaker
da maker of
da twist inside
da erotic bliss
before u know it
the flip is made
like brakers
whip lashin
da passion
u will holla
reach to grap
hold but ya
locked into my
deep desires
and ya knees
get weak
from da hit
of MD potion #9
u now enterwined
to a perfection
and in my embrace
of affection
da task is done
yearning in defeat
body numb
sticky & wet
all in this wild sweat
da treat of da beast
da love doc who rocks
i am da feasta of bliss
so watch how u wish
coz whats been a while
will now keep u in smiles


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