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Pharaoh Jahil

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Aug 2, 2003
Mother Earth
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It's been a while since we spoke
Since we exchange our words of poetry
expressing love, romance, art, life, death, happiness, and saddness..
I sit and reminise to myself about the simple love we had
Wondering what happen?
Missing the beautiful conversations we exchange towards each other...

Has the simple love between us came to an end?
Was our love destined to come to this?
Who knows, the simpleness of our love could have grew into something serious....
The few moments I spent with you was so vivid
In my eyes you are that special somebody
and I will never forget the woman I once knew

With hopes that someday you will be the one,
I plant my seeds with, watching them grow together
It all becomes a shattered dream
I guess that's just my fault for being a dreamer
But if I could make those dreams of heaven,
With you become a minute of reality
I will cherish that moment to the fullest
I will forever remember and embrace it...

If you have found someone else,
who makes you happy and fulfill your every need
than be with him..
As long as he puts a smile on your face
I will forever be happy for you....
I understand....

If it is meant for us to be together,
than fate shall take its' course..
If it isn't so, than Good Bye Love
May Peace & Blessings be with you!


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