Black People : It's A Serious Problem Black Afrikan People Are To The Self Of Black Afrikan People!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
It's A Serious Problem Black Afrikan People Are To The Self Of Black Afrikan People!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I share the Divine Truth with and about Black Afrikan people whether you like it or not.

I am here to remind you of your Black self converted condition that has you to be a continued follower of Lies and Deception, which have you looking at stuff about your self you can't see, but pretend that you can.

Black Afrikans give your self away to lies and deception when you choose to ignore to be Divinely Truthful with your Black self and that is when you choose to be ignorant about the spirit you convey to this evil world you now depend on for guidance and survival of a lowly kind.

Mind Conscious is the energy transformer of the information that travels the energy magnetic waves entering the body transformer, the master organic presence, the Brain, which remain neutral in its performance, the Mind is the Bio-quantum energy Informer to the Body living performance, and the quality of the Mind is what determines the quality of your living performance and today, Black Afrikans living performance display who is the problem to the living performance of Black Afrikan people, that problem is you, Black Afrikan Woman and Man!!!

Black Afrikans live without the protection of mental proudness and shame, living without the ability to become a shame of how you live in the performance of living, which is a sure sign of who your greatest problem is while living, and Black Afrikan people is a serious problem to self, living with no shame of how we are performing today while living.

Being able to become ashamed is liken to showing a presence of self-respect, but when you show of your self that you do not give a **** about the quality of spirit you showcase to the world, then you are showing you have no self-shame, therefore no self-respect.

A Race of people who have no self-respect is the biggest problem confronting your self, and when there is no self-respect there is no shame of self living performance, and where there is no shame there is no concern for self and when there is no concern for self, you become your greatest problem to your self, beloved.
A Divine Mind comes with a present capability to be self ashamed, it's what have you to react against being disrespected and today, Black Afrikans are the most disrespected people in the world today and is without the shame that will energize you with a spirit that will have you acting against such a display of self-disrespect, which shows no proud and concern for self and now being a problem to your self.

It's the lack of self-shame that will prevent the Black Afrikans from getting up off of our self disrespecting behind and let the world know that we will Demand from America and her surrogates in crime committing of Chattel Slavery against our Enslaved Ancestors and now after many days turned into years gone by, Freedom, Justice, and Independence is kept away from our Enslaved Ancestors who have earned the Freedom America owes to our Enslaved Ancestors and it is Reparation/Repatriation that represents Freedom to our Enslaved Ancestors and not a Civil Rights War that was never for the benefit of Black Afrikan people treated as that white racist Chattel, beloved.

I share this information with no vision of seeing Black Afrikans rising to mobilize for the purpose of waging a Reparation/Repatriation Campaign for our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Freedom and to let you know I innerstand your reason and cause for your inaction to fight for the Freedom our Enslaved Ancestors have earned for Black Afrikans to be in Afrika and for Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans again!!!

No Self-Shame, No Freedom For Black Afrikan People!!!

Divine Respect

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