Black Poetry : Its a narrow Road


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Apr 26, 2004
(Piano plays,,...pam pam pam pam pam)...

(intro Choir sings..i better pick up my cross ..
you better pick up youre cross)

Let me tell you about the Christian life..
it shure aint easy....
its tha same for those who walk the path of love..

you have to squeeze in...

somthimes i wanna pickup Rocks..
trow them in their windows of locks ....
and scream "'this one is for that Time Remember, never even said sorry!""

but love
no it doesnt work that way...

"a "sorry somethimes takes forever...
so i turn my cheek...

in forgiveness i Found my peace

and leave them For the Trone of God...

cause its a ..

Narrow Road...
to follow you my LOrd
But i rather take the narrow road...
than to take the road that leads to no where..
HIs kingDom Come...
i better pick up my Cross ..
better pick up youre Cross...

i want to See youre face dear God..

Awfull it is because people Dont Know the "Story"'
when they have read Certain Chapters of you..
Put you on a different page ,for their own Glory..
and leave you with a pain that seems to Undo..
youre standing there marked and still no One knows you..

call upon youre Savior ,than he brings things to light,
and his Compforting love gets you trough..
still you want to scream "" it wasnt right ,it wasnt right""
but let go it made you Grow ..
one day you Shine...
and you know that its a..

Narrow road ..
to follow you o lord..
But i rather take the narrow Road,...
what do we know about Hell..its the truth.
His kingdom come..
i want to live in eternity with you...
so i better pick up my cross
you better pick up youre cross..


Who said Hell isnt Real....
Who Knows about the Real Deal..
what do You know about the Boundary,s of God..
Or His judgements!

Stop Thinking For him..
better pick up my cross..
better pick up my cross..

try to live In Obediance..
but most of all In Love..

cause its a ...

Narrow road....

Bring out my hidden sin O God....
Bring them out...

up .
up ..

Let me work on them lord..
i,m as guilty as they are..
still my desire is to see youre face..
The Louder You scream "' where is the Love"'
the more you mis out the love that is in front of you..
Let my heart be filled with youre love..
carring it out to others....
it will be enough against the Stabbings , shootings and Humiliations..
its all i will ever need...

to walk the road
to walk the road..
that is small...

if i can not breeth
if i can not breeth...
just be with me
be with me..

catch the tears catch the fears...
as long as you are with me...

its a narrow road ...
a narrow riod..

better pick up my cross...

i,m walking on my toes..

make me smal lord
make ,me smal like Alice...

help me to pick up my cross...

pick up youre cross...


stay with me...

i ..


i get trough...

i want...

cause i want ...

to ..


with ..


life is a narrow road

i'm spiritual

and i notice how narrow my road became living "the" lie

finding the truth is very difficult

in forgiveness i Found my peace

nice journey to where you feel you need to be



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