Black Poetry : It's A Long Way To Nowhere!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
It's A Long Way To Nowhere

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Hey Black Afrikan Woman and Man
It's a long way to nowhere, walking,
running or riding in a van.

There is no short-cut to take, only the
the long way, asleep or awake you are
to take, sorry this journey you can't fake.

Black Afrikan people, because you are so
insincere, the long way you are to take, it's
not near, look at you, so full of fear, always
crying there is no tear.

A punishment you are, all of your days,
clowning and a joker is your way,
serious not about freedom, never a.

Only fora the Black Afrikan, journey last
so long, into the past, you forever roam
nowhere to call home, lost your Divinity
all gone.

Hey Black Woman and Man, you are
neither here or there, always on a journey
that leads to nowhere, my God don't you

To care is to show compassion don't you see
Hell No, you rather sit under the dunce tree, no
care for you nor me, freedom to seek you do
not dare, always on a journey going nowhere.

Nowhere you can't reach, it's the fantasy the
white racist teach, a life living divinely you'
have breached, now on a journey going
nowhere you can't reach.

There is no other side to nowhere you can't see,
no short cut to take because it can't be, hell, do
not come to me talking about a job, Black
Afrikans, now been made a fool of, always claiming
to have been robbed.

Of What I Ask you, not expecting the truth,
Black AfrikansAlways Sitting Around Avoiding
A Worthy Task, it's what needed if your Black
behind is to stop being last!!!

No longer Black Divine like me, now emulating
Lucifer you want to be, what happened to you
Black woman and man, no longer with a Divine
Mind to innerstand.

Always claiming to be traveling you do dare,
without care, making tracks and going nowhere!!!

Afrika and the Black Afrikan no longer real, a
a fantasy we have been made to be for real,
No longer dare to care, on a journey going

Divine Respect

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