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    Abibitumi Kasa now one member stronger...(It's a girl!)
    Jan 8th, 2008, 2:52pm Quote E ku ewu omo, yema no aba na yema no atena ase.

    Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Language and Liberation Institutes with 525 and 334 members respectively are now officially one member stronger. On late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning 1/6/2008 depending on how you're counting) Obadele and Kala gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at home in warm water.

    This baby is powerful. So much so that when Kala went into labor, all of the light switches and power outlets in the room stopped working. The baby apparently decided that she didn't want any artificial electricity around because she was BRINGING HER OWN!!! Well we accomodated and went with candlelight.

    Our family practitioner estimated the baby's due date as the 28th of December. I kept saying that the baby was too wise to come out in Chicago cold and was waiting for some warm weather before he or she came out. Well, we don't know if she had anything to do with it, but she came out on a record-breaking 60 degree day. Yesterday topped that with 61 degrees.

    Kala is fine yet feeling the effects of the baby's speedy journey here as the entire labor process was less than 6 hours and active labor was less than one hour! We'll be posting pictures shortly! We thank everyone for your continued support and we will be having a small naming ceremony 8 days (or seven days depending on whose system of counting you're using) from her birth date next Saturday. We'll keep everyone posted on this powerful new addition to the Abibitumi Kasa family as well as her name come naming time. The family language of the household is Yoruba so be on the lookout for a new Yoruba language (amongst other Afrikan languages I will be teaching her) instructor in the coming years or months depending on how quickly she catches on...

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    Obadele and Kala

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