Black Poetry : itch for cake which state my mind drift clever but if ever plenty fun but if anyone discover the rea

of coffee going down softly sip with lips the streets slaughter never leave //
your life in a neat order, feet broader with the right shoes, wanna squeeze //
my waist right there, got a sick itch your words flick my switch up and down //
now stuck with a pound of love get hound at the club boys kiss and play around //
they be sprung to the max verbs swung an ax chop down my tree G spot he bound //
to see my body there be a party up in here, your words a load and they curve //
like roads, my lace is brown you wanna go face down and taste my renown soup that you can scoop up with your tongue soar sprung on phonics listening to songs sung by the DELFONICS so "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time" trends in inflation could end a nation but you wanna begin with penetration not feeling that my dealings at being in a relationship, prevail on course mind spins and like gale force winds this stuff blowing me away because I'm flowing everyday, a winner with witty words inner city or suburbs, inferior stat but superior to that in the rest of BLACK HIPHOP, remember at Walmart all part of a hot crowd and not proud flow tonight is low in height it's small size and boys want all the pies so I close my thighs and say no, got a legit clearance and a fit appearance to strut butt in a club around thugs if I desire to a kiss require true ambition it's due to our tradition got pure cake and a boy's cure is to take me to bed, don't think so my thing inside pink oh well, I have butt and round eyes my beauty cut boys down to size then they scream and beg for what's between my legs well anyway I'm at Walmart to shop till I drop and will hop in a boy's ride my hair done an affair is fun can't compare none no two boys are the same but in their car flames appear from the backseat
drink plenty wines many times got drunk off the funk saw a girl with junk
in her trunk had to jump on it, so look boo from the hood glad to meet
you mad sweet lips like apples very red can't bury my head to that speak
so soft, go to school sit on a low stool at the bar band play fat guitar
gonna listen but really wanna be kissing your lips girl we can git far
with that program, this all real and like a small meal, body French fries
drenched in pies, with a wrench realize I need to tighten up, dodge lies
wanna be gliding in lace take you to my hiding place riding in the grace
of my hummer "LOOK PLAYER I dodge your block like it's a large rock taste
the air not gonna waste a pair of steps it don't help so I'm on a fast pace
in life," so she got a slew of love and he knew in the club he was a cake
winner and gonna take her to dinner "have to model my head and mind a mistake
to open this bottle of red wine and my bed is designed for two and that's great
ready to abandon this sinking ship because stinking script won't float so don't
hope to drown, my life page is clear need a stage career possibly a reality show
in the vicinity with harmony duck and enemy army you wanna take my brownie home yo
my cell phone show your number think you wanna plant a cucumber inside my thing while
in the hummer wearing bling, sweet to think of love but when your feet sink in mud smile
and clean it off so hey I'm a queen and soft with extreme cough because my feet got wet
I remember me and my boyfriend switched to GEICO we went to a bull fight to get
a look at matadors they had stats galore my thing fat before we start kissing but
WTF a bunch of bull dogs was chasing them


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