Black Poetry : itch for cake which state my mind drift clever but if ever plenty fun but if anyone discover the rea

not an option want hot adoption of words, verbs that's unheard of to twist //
her mind get kiss she fine wanna move about with groove no doubt a list //
things, cake and lace will take place your lips hot and red you not in bed //
it's a clear view because I'm hear to you boo, can't ignore love be misled //
but soar above the head of others while you spread butters thighs so black //
and sweaty for a fact girl ready for this act wanna slam-dunk panties shack//
attack is in the making the fact you baking cake hot art flame but not part //
of game grip coffee wanna rub her hips softly sip with lips taste buds start //
tingling while singing grab her waist she's in a gown walking around class //
in her step, "SO LOOK BOO you so true and finesse in that blue dress so fast //
to impress "have breasts let me guess your underwear down there is it pink //
panties?" "Nope PLAYER you want lace yelling at my place of dwelling think //
you try marry like MARIAH CARY play a trick like NICK with slick words //
you try marry like MARIAH CARY play a trick like NICK with slick words //
Not WILDING OUT like that, your gift is raw so don't withdraw I left herds //
of boys just to listen and trust me kissing is troublesome like bubblegum it //
chews on you and bruise true relationships, if done right fun tonight I admit //
your jive is fly and FIVE GUY is to the right, got tall pride on all sides hit //
rock bottom for real on a hot rotten deal will move on my groove strong so //
your groovy rap is a booby trap, my booty sit in your lap, here and there oh //
fear everywhere try be slick and boss like RICK ROSS some junk is about //
to kick off, I'm a buffalo girl and my stuff hurl like jump rope and no doubt //
the funk is dope like DOUBLE DUTCH it's trouble like STARSKY and HUTCH like //
HUGGY BEAR this could be a ugly affair my thing really get hot and wet a lot //
your facts flow well in the back of the hotel this act won't go well so stop //
got a wimpy shot at an empty spot in my heart is best start to duck this could //
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a wimpy shot at an empty spot in my heart is best start to duck this could //
be part of a corrupt affair throwing kisses up in the air luck from the hood //
BLACK SOUL SISTERS go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH but it's all good //
My sweaty black thighs attack the eyes of boys my pies they enjoys from //
a distance love is in existence, weather breezy at best you clever want some //
easy access to my breasts and what's under my dress, cross my legs but //
A boss beg is forthcoming, you enter my place become a winner of lace cup //
of sweetness on the tip of your tongue my lips got you sprung embrace butt //
the facts rumbling in the act of becoming hot stumbling can't drop the ball //
yall, strut butt and walk raw and like a hawk's claw scratch a boy's face call//
the bird man clever feathers fly where ever, to the right is FRANKIE'S PLACE //
FOR RIBS lace wet at my crib,breasts hot galore access to top floor a chase //
has begun, BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH breast and waist rest my case //

has begun, BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH breast & waist rest my case //
I'm so hot down there mess around and share some tongue then be on pace //
for you to, not a bozo or **** but a coco nut give sweet refreshing milk //
well I'm dressing in silk impressing how my body is built under a bed quilt //
a boy kilt it feel no guilt about that at all but my stats my fall after //
the word get out oh at that time my thing wet no doubt, was no disaster //
Boy ask my name blood rushes face aflame with blushes his game hushes //
me up, crushes my luck, stuck for words oh he was rapping so hard pushes //
him away, have deep hope must keep afloat or my TITANIC will sink need to //
talk to KATE WINSLET cake begin on a wet ship ride, need mountain dew //
and a cold fountain to, got a strong groove, on the move at home lube my //
door in case a boy come knocking it's shocking when they want some try //
escape they lie for cake I try say goodbye but they take my hand and kiss //


escape they lie for cake I try say goodbye but they take my hand and kiss //
silly and whack boys have the ability to attract then starts a party after //
seeing parts of my body,sheets of sweetness jest street uniqueness master //
the flirt got a disaster twerk wanna be a blaster of my thing you may hurt //
it doe, physical power lyrical tower be a miracle not to cower stays alert //
Now at VIRGINIA BEACH TJ MAXX my dress down breasts renown do twerk//
and this is BLACK HIP HOP we may lip lock jest a skip and a hop to your car //
you hustles for dames all muscle no brain so you tussle for fame be bizarre //
like RUSSELL CROW a GLADIATOR not a low down mad hater but you want //
my potater pie huh? like water my thing fit to drink plus legit and pink don't //
git to think clear, so tonight cake and pies I'm the right shape and size but //
surprise no dessert under my skirt for you, your game being wretch a cup //
of coffee going down softly sip with lips the streets slaughter never leave //



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