Black Poetry : itch for cake which state my mind drift clever but if ever plenty fun but if anyone discover the rea


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May 11, 2006
itch for cake which state my mind drift clever but if ever I don't have plenty fun then if anyone discover the reason why I'm here , I may try disappear without a trace and be replaced by a zombie off TV yall. get sweaty from rapping this may have already happen this give concern as I live and learn at any rate plenty weight on ones life. my mind face intrusion as time is an illusion and for lunch time drink punch and wine and waste a bunch of time. In those days my flows sways and the men brave then slave the weak, romantic stakes were high a planet of apes try takeover
The flaws increase hard to advance the cause of peace even //
Santa Claus feast with a sack of facts on his back and breathing //
The airs of the North Pole. look here shoot sincere hoop with my //
Peer group and that’s basketball, drastic yall don’t have WIFI //
No flaws in my skills they raw and ill have a date must grab //
A plate eat some Soul Food like Vivica Fox then use vocab //
So I’m at the outlet store no doubt see a girl wet galore skin //
So black I begin to act up try think of words eyes wink absurd begin //
Enjoy the wind look for her boyfriend she maybe alone bet things //
Crazy at home she sweet a lot see no weak spot my neck just bling //
That’s a fury of jewelry, wanna make a connection see cake no imperfections //
She walk fly with no fault just pie that caught my eye gonna need protection //
So got a rubber in my pocket a lover of chocolate like Danny Glover wanna //
So got a rubber in my pocket a lover of chocolate like Danny Glover wanna //
rock it lethal and be like THE COLOR PURPLE like brother URKLE, gonna //
make progress on cake and breasts kiss her lips tongue her a lot not silly //
take the rest of the day off her body stay soft, her lips red today really //
wanna make headway toward kissing them quick and be above the rim wit this //
chick, even WONDER WOMAN say that this is a love affair underway will kiss //
her lips, this is a proper advance to a hotter romance with a chance maybe //
to break headboards so I'm here in VIRGINIA BEACH bolder with words crazy //
enough to reach file folder being complex and wild like the X-files starring //
SCULLEY AND MOLDER, now this is BLACK HIPHOP flat and smooth got stats scarring //
my groove, see an affair I must prepare to speak to this true sweet, my game //
may have marks and lumps but my heart pump and my cd speakers part of my trunk //
so she can listen to them thump while kissing and junk, she is twisting rump //
so she can listen to them thump while kissing and junk, she is twisting rump //
for better or worse have a clever thirst but first I wanna kiss not a chump //
in VIRGINIA BEACH oceans preferred now my emotions stirred and bold passion is //
so old fashion stole sea ration to eat lunch this girl is sweet a bunch gee whiz //
my game phat I aim at getting a date and maybe some wedding cake but will try not //
to tie a knot, her pie is hot need a slice to proceed nice with this, got a plot //
so hey at TJ'S I see ways to rap to this chick get a kiss quick in Virginia Beach //
to the left is TAYLOR DO IT my pride talk girls on sidewalk strut butt out of reach //
my game is alert she has body framework designed to resist a kiss won't miss her lips //
they there and red hope we can share a bed, make wise decisions and like true scripts //
of organized religion I'm praised for days and this plays a part in my life and flips //
her pancakes like IHOP, she have ballistic lace with artistic taste can't get it //
twisted and waste her time, convinced the air in PROVIDENCE SQUARE is fresh and legit //
twisted waste time, convinced the air in PROVIDENCE SQUARE is fresh legit //
dress fit, breasts don't quit in the bed wanna test it FOOD LION to the right //
along with AJ GATORS now this is BLACK HIPHOP need a cake date tonight //
Bet she's a sweet boo easy to speak to probably keep true to her blackness //
Leisure require an eager desire for sex make effort to do this boo exactness //
recognize wine of a specified kind on fat throne at home pour a glass fast //
sip with my lips to taste, grip her waist in a gown walking around class //
in her step, use complete noun to avoid a beat down this girl is a sweet //
pound cake with slices and crumbs ices in rum have a sip wanna grab unique //
hips, my flow bless but grow less here at TJ MAXX in VIRGINIA BEACH heat //
rises this sweet surprises me, stand abashed my plan may have clashed using //
and amusing with love talk, wear bling around and cats try bring me down losing //
not and option need a hot adoption of words and verbs that'd unheard of to twist //


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