Black Poetry : itch for cake which state my mind drift clever but if ever I don't have plenty fun then //

oh my brain seized want me to be your main squeeze want different butter //
from your magnificent other huh, maybe crazy in love like a ladybug clutter //
flower buds get power in the club and shower in a bathtub with dove soap //
wanna rub my thing but nope with love you can only hope to get to my dope //
body but now here to scope HARDEE and order tea it slaughter me to know //
a boy want some, my lipstick slick and red quick to be misled a boy's flow //
can persuade along with some lemonade could end up getting laid out in a bed //
I'm a sweetheart but street smart and keep a part of HIPHIP fresh in mind and fed //
to the dawgs bow! wow! wow! I think you enjoy being a toy boy lift skirt and go //
crazy on it well I know you want them cream pies between my thighs I yell oh no //
tongue while you smash my pot hole then stop cold kiss my lips and get my wet //
tongue out-front runs KEMPSVILLE ROAD now in FAIRFIELD SHOPPING CENTER no regrets //
they pursue and kiss and boys love to do this that's no new twist up in here //
my lace must place my life in proper order need hotter water to remove mere //
stains and clear my brain I fear this boy came to get some for real oh dear //
how do I escape? because I see an affair brewing I prepare by renewing my goal //
not screwing me with a pole gonna duck that, stuck at a crossroad ideas unfold //
sometimes I prevail a female in the club with details about love no doubt a hug //
is necessary my breasts very wet", "OK BOO I kiss girl,twist their worlds of love //
and crush skirts and like brushwork see in the painting don't be fainting just //
observe the words, I'm hot guy like Popeye eat spinach and tower just finish //
a shower the phone ring a strong thing is to pick it up could be quick luck diminish //
the whack situations


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