Black Poetry : itch for cake which state my mind drift clever but if ever I don't have plenty fun then //

oh my thing is hot with on-the-spot wetness bunch of wet romances have to deal //
with a set of circumstances my words get glances boys get dances for real //
when the DJ spin beats bodies begin to heat up, so I'm in a mini-skirt right //
here at STARBUCK a BROWN SOUL SISTER in Virginia Beach plenty alert tonight //
this boy wanna kiss and enjoy my thing the desserts under my skirt a plate //
for cake, I come clever and nice with a letter of advice like KELLOGS great //
cereal breast milk and bless silk wear a dress body built for boys love talk //
stems, my breasts true and express my view as to the best thing to do, walk //
I got cake here at KEMPSRIVER CROSSING boys make attempt to deliver the frosting //
and naked shiver when they tossing my panties around being brown downtown is costing //
me time not a blank character and BANK OF AMERICA is up on the right, look my pie //
be sweet with a high degree of heat boys loving my oven all their words be fly //
I try duck being a freak baby's mama so skip the cheap melodrama well at least //
I try duck being a freak baby's mama so skip the cheap melodrama well at least //
you try get a piece of this pie, not gonna thrust my crust it's just us increase //
the love, facts on a tribal course with a lack of vital force don't need a pager //
plead in favor of a cell phone talk lovy dovy swell at home play around is major //
to be macho is swell and TACO BELL is up on the right we on FORDHAM DRIVE, behavior //
is CALLY SWAG like DOCTOR DRE and SNOOP DOGG and the GAME looks on the FARM FRESH //
is in front narrow static could be aerobatic if we talk stunts and tumbling best //
by SIMONE BILES strong styles and move up in it with OLYMPICS GROOVE so I rest //
my case got breasts and lace it's a mess when chased by boys begging for dates //
oh gosh my romantic boast in character is wet like the Atlantic coasts awaits //
in America, got hot cream but not to be seen here at STARBUCK wreck haters //
and welcome spectators, you wanna sip coffee and grip my hips softly invaders //
get school my thing is wet fool, I'm a fine desire but in the line of fire //
get school my thing is wet fool, I'm a fine desire but in the line of fire //
right here at STARBUCK, my cake is fine but you can't draw a straight line //
the bedroom wanna drink wine sniff perfume and lift my skirt kaboom, fine //
girl in mine world I strut butt, down there thunder galore don't try //
underscore the juice my thing produce don't loose my bra because fly //
fresh breasts will fall out and it's all about love so pause for pie //
got butter and lyrical along with other material can't smother this //
miracle with a wet blanket, you spoke slang even the strokes of a brisk //
couldn't beat it like MICHAEL JACKSON, you got shoes with strings but //
hope for huge wings so you fly away but no you want pie today a cup //
of coffee to sip and softly grip my waist and strip me of my lace oh //
BROWN SOUL SISTERS go through a lot and you have a blue drop top to go //
to STARBUCK, I have a large pledge plus massage cream on my leg boys loco //
to STARBUCK, I have a large pledge plus massage cream on my leg boys loco //
my pie original and boys give me eye signals try be physical with the kisses I'm soft and fine but nearly lost my mind when a kiss came from no where and my lips got hot, creative as a VIRGINIA BEACH native wear TIMS and share them with others, I be making pies but taken by surprise when you mistaken my thighs not to be sweaty they stay hot and ready for what ever dude, this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH and I'm a brown peach and boys hound and reach for the panties I spank their hand aware of plan they be shook over my honey and look at me funny as I strut off butt be soft luck boss along with my hips, beginning with pride wanna be on the winning side wow I cheer like fans at a game and your plans aim at my body could be a phat party after this disaster is brisk if a boy don't master the kiss a girl will walk away not gonna talk all day OK, listening to HIPHOP my mind slip a lot and fall in love and be all at the club looking for thug love, it's a feeling of mystery when dealing with history, you may have a chance to ignite the romance of the night that'll enhance your flight to a sexual landing with foreplay I adore the way you speak, although the love has abated go to the club devastated even a scrub become elevated and ask for some, lips red a legal female in my head the feeble prevail not a medieval tale or hero of chivalry no kiss is zero delivery, flirting free to a certain degree and it's hurting to flee in the spur of a moment, like coffee my pies brew thighs are true and you oblige to kiss them, a brown SOUL SISTA GO THROUGH a lot so who shot ROGER RABBIT this love is a larger habit you a dodger with tablet looking to write a love letter and you better
THROUGH a lot so who shot ROGER RABBIT this love is a larger habit you a dodger with tablet looking to write a love letter and better address my breasts with a stamp of approval, go to the bar and duck but not here at STARBUCK, a BLACK SOUL SiSTA with a smoking cake so don't open the gate, must ignore this day wanna come to my doorway plus wanna take me in a car ride to the far side of town,
got cake by the load while on a straight road you wanna pull over to the shoulder oh my breasts poking dress open and you choking on my tongue so sprung hung on phonic off the radio and like PLATO your kiss is pure gravity so no luck that's why I show up at STARBUCK in VIRGINIA BEACH, so my lips amazes and boys flip my pages because my quotes hooked to a notebook when I hold an ink pen I can think then and my thing pink inside, now this speech is in VIRGINIA BEACH HIP HOP I'm a peach equipped around the clock because boys go downtown a lot I try keep my legs close but they pledge to buy me a rose this affair spoil and strange and like an oil change this could be slick best use a dipstick this script is sick like the mumps all type of junk up in here, your surprising trend is like the rising wind I'm blown away by what you've shown me today, my mind spark like fine art draw conclusions these are raw illusions other words daydreams that display schemes about love no doubt a club is involved now this is a class act like brass tacks I nailed it and prevailed lit like a lamp and my panties git damp in the process and that revamp my breasts, frown at the whack lets get down to facts on the other hand butter can change minds during strange times, now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH STARBUCK, I'm above the rim with pies and can only sympathize but what is the temp in the skies of love? oh gosh my panties are hot and frying so boy stop lying your plot tying me down, have the gift and luck but too many ifs and buts front of my nose drifts a cup of coffee that I'm gonna sip with my lips, amused no doubt but refuse to speak about certain things I'm flirting you wear bling, I'm aware and see you stare at me, you utter clear butter in my ear I listen you want pie be kissing I try twisting out your arms no doubt be alarm my skirt creep up my sweaty thighs you be ready for pies I guess I best leave before my breasts receive a good sucking gonna be ducking that
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