Libya : Italy Pays Reparations to Libya


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LOL! :hearthis:

1. You can never answer a simple and direct question can you?

2. If I were living during the civil rights era I certainly would be in the mix of things - it's in my blood - probably a BP (like my uncle God rest his soul) but certainly active in the movement, perhaps with X or King. While on the other hand what would you be doing other than putting all your faith into the hands of POLITICIANS like Obama while sitting on the sidelines tagging people like me "troublemakers"? Would you be another Condoleeza Rice and pretend the civil rights movement is futile or would you truly be pro-active? Or, would your only motive for civil rights be assimilating with whites and sexing white women? Which is it, James?

3. Reverse psychology doesn't work with me, James. Just answer my simple question and MAYBE I'll leave you alone..

do you even know who you are talking to? i am 65 years old. i do not have to speculate as to what i would have been doing during the civil rights era.

i was a member of C.O.R.E. out of philly. we did voter registration.
i still have scars on my body from interactions with the pigs.

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