Black Short Stories : It'a A Sin

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    Daya was a smart beautyfull 20 year old women,who had the things she wanted in life but a man. So her and her friend decided to go to the club and shake that thing. May be I would find him Daya said to Amber. "Yea right ,"Amber said ."Now you knoe a man at the club is no man to have,so Daya don'teven try to get a man up in here". Any way girl you know some fine brothers be here at Lexus. So they did ther thang all night long dancin,drinkin just chillin.
    After the club let out they went out side and was chillin by her car when this fine brother walk's up and ask her name,She say's I 'm Daya and this is Amber. What's your name I'm Kevin and this is my friend Neil. Can we get you'r number's and call latter this week? sure. I can give you mine but you'r friend will have to ask Amber for her's.
    The next day the phone ring's it's Kevin, "Hey Daya whats up?"
    Nothin just sittin here watchin T.V. whatcha doin over there?
    nothen callin you to see if you wan't to get somethin to eat?
    O.k. she say's . Will I'll be there at around 7:00 is that cool?
    Yea! So she start's getting dressed and five till 7 she's thinking to her self,dame this is the first date I have been on in a long time.
    I hope I don't look stupid or nothin.
    She hear's a nock on the she walk's over she say's who is it? "I'ts Kevin" She open's the door, Hey Kevin whats up?
    "Nothin, are you ready? " Yea let me get my coat. They wen't to a movie it was Star Ship Troopers not a movie she would have picked with her girl friends but maybe it will be good.
    After the movie she was shoked that is was a good movie.
    As they walked to the door of her house she told Kevin that she had fun and would like to do it again. he agread.
    so the next 3or4 weeks they were spending alot of time togeather,going to Movies, and Club's, Eating togeather.
    But some thing was wrong when ever she would call him late at night he would never answer the phone so she would ask him why and he would make up some reason why he did not answer.
    Then one day she called him and ask what he was doin and he said getting his kids dressed for school, I thought you'r kids lived with there mother "they do" Then do they go to a school bye you ? 'No" I don't understand why you would be getting them dressed then.
    By this time she know's somethin is not right. So the next day he come's over around 7:00p.m like alway's witch was also strange.
    They sit on the couch,and she looks at him, and ask are you a married man Kevin? (Kevin looks shocked) No ! I'm not married why?
    Because you only come over after 7 I don't have you home number just you're cell number and you're kids are always at you're house, not that you're kids always being there is bad but something is not right.
    When you stay the night with me you have to leave at 5:a.m.
    what's goin on .
    "LOOK I'M NOT MARRIED " O.K. I'm going to trust you but please don't ever lie to me.
    Then one day Kevin and her were going out to eat and Kevin says I have to tell you something. I am married and have been for almost 8 years." what!! why did you what to tell me after 6 month's of us being together? I knew you were but did not wan't to beleave it.take me home NOW!!!
    She goes home and cry's all night I can't beleave this she say's to her self I thought he was the one for me I am so stupid .I am to trusting. One week wen't bye when she got a call. It was Kevin. What do you wan't Kevin "I wan't to say I'm sorry for herting you,And I just missed being happy with a women and you made me so happy." "I 'm not happy in my marrage that's why I was looking and found you."
    "I'm truly sorry for what I've put you thru. Can't I just see you one more time" Why should I let you do that ? "Because I miss you so much" Will not right know maybe tomorrow.

    I promise to bring part two
    This is based on a true story.........
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