Chief Elder Osiris : It May Not Be To You,But to Me, It IsAmazingHow Black People Have Becomeso racially B

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    It May Not be To You, But to Me, It Is Amazing How Black People Have Become So Racial Blind.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Will Hear You.

    Beloved, it is not that I enjoy pointing out the defect Black people have been made to be, but to do anything but to be Divinely real with you, it would just make me to be just another Black American (which I am not) pretending and making effort to project our lives the way we want it to be, and never what it need to be, which have us Black Folks to be the most dishonest people to ourselves, in the world.

    I heard Charles Barkley make the statement that he has never experienced injustice in America, there is nothing that can exemplify the height of A Black person ignorance of self, than for a Black person in America, making such a statement, and you have Black people who hold Mr Barkley up to high esteem, which is a reflection of those Black folks who do so, having ignorance of self.

    The fact that Black so call Afrkans, those who are in America not by common consent, serve to represent injustice perpetrated against Black people in America, and in every walk of the Black Life in America, being Black in America, by way of the middle passage, is an injustice to all Black Afrikans, we verify the tracks of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, which come from acts of injustice.

    So, it does not take a fool to recognize its act to be that of a fool, before the fool is verified, it is the action of the fool that identify the fool, and any so call Black Afrikan, here by way of the Middle Passage, making such a statement that will imply exemption from having ever experienced America Injustice, such a statement is that of a fool, regardless of the financial status you may represent in America.

    So, the fool Acton, act as a pendulum that swing from one pole to the other, on the scale of ignorance, meaning that, for Black folks to indicate having escaped the dagger of injustice in America, in any phase of our lives, is no different from the Black foolish Afrikan American who make claim to have now received freedom and justice in America, using America permission for Black and White integration / Assimilation, as a sign of freedom and justice for all Black folks in America, which prompt the Foolish Black American to proclaim to the world, that there is no such a stratum as Racial injustice, and that now Black folks have only good dreams concerning America.

    News flash to Black people in America, all of the injustice, past and present, directed toward Black people, such is based upon Race, Race indicating a clear and present distinction in the pigment of the various ethnics that make up America Society.

    So I have concluded, concerning the behavior of Black Americans, based upon the way Black people act in America;

    It May Not Be to you, But to Me, It Is Amazing How Black People Have Become So Racially Blind.

    Isn't it amazing, how Racial tolerant Black people have become in the world today, and especially in America, we Black people fall over ourselves in our effort to show that there is no sign of animosity held by us toward those ethnic groups that have compiled a history of hating and abusing Black people, simple because of the difference in our pigment, in comparison to theirs.

    Now, do not take this to misjudge me by defining me to be anti all white, Arab and Jewish people, because it would be wrong for me to be as such, and it would mean that I have no knowledge of who I am and who everybody else is, that has had an unaccepted engagement with Black people, swinging the dagger of racism that penetrate the mind of Black people.

    I know who the enemy is of Black people, and I know how to discriminate my emotion to have it to correspond with the Divine Truth about who caused Black people to be mindless about our present condition and our past experience, which was and is caused by the action of those who in fact ,oppress, persecute, insult, and murder Black people , and they did and do so without a conscious of self condemnation.

    Have you ever seen a people who are Black, who have become embarrassed because of our oppression, and have generated the spirit of being insulted when the Divine truth is told about what has happen to us Black people?

    Because, it is very obvious that something happen to Black people in view to our present status in the world, and the way we have been made to feel guilty for the way we have been and are now being treated in the world.

    Have you ever listen to those Black so call professional Americans, making claim that it is all good concerning the life of Black people, or participating in the sling talk whe being asked how we black folks are and we responding, "It Is All good, while in view of the Black World, there is nothing in term of the Black life status in the world tat is Good.

    So,when trying to talk about Dr. king, we always focus on the dream of Dr. king and not the cause that had Dr King dreaming such a Dream, so what do we do, We Black people point out how lovely it is today, now that the little Black Boy can walk Hand in Hand with the little white Girl. and to hell with the state of condition of Afrika and the Tribal division that is prevalent among the Black Afrikan in Afrka, which insure the maintaining of a Black Divided Afrikan Nation.

    I share this that I see of Black people, with you, not out of an effort to degrade Black people, I am not making up what I see of Black people spirit, but I share with you about us Black people, because of the Divine Thoughts that I have for Black people.

    Tell me, do you believe, and I use believe because if thought was involve coming from you then I would not need to ask you this question, which is, do you believe that I marvel over the things that are revealed to me about my people, which is not a Divine picture to see of ourselves, knowing that once upon a Time, we were acting as Divine Beings on this planet?

    If what I see, is not from the ability I have to see without me playing games with myself to see Divinely the cause of the problem that Black people are experiencing, and the fact being that Black people choose not to acknowledge such an obvious problem that require a Thoughtful Mind to be able to see ourselves as we truly are, then you would be left with only the Black America dreamers, a wishful expression that leave Black people believing in a wishful dream, and not the living reality that our lives are experiencing every day in America, In Afrika, and in the world in general.

    What I share about the life spirit of Black people today, is a verification of the life experience of Black people, and only a fool will try and contradict life experiences, and today, Black people choose, well most of us black people choose to ignore what our life experience teach us about our lives living activity, and to ignore the Divine truth, have Black people sanctify the profane lie, and the result that come from such a behavior?

    Well, observe Afrika today, and observe the spirit of the so call black Afrikan today, glorifying fantasy and believing in illusion, labeling such to be the reality in our lives.

    Have you ever seen a people so easily manipulated, while in captivity, than Black people, we believing that in America, Race does not matter, and is not the cause for Black people being in America against our will?

    Therefore,It May Not Be to you, But to Me, It Is Amazing How Black People Have Become So Racial Blind, which is why we Black people can not see who we Divinely are.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
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    it may not be to you...

    chief i agree with what you say but as you know sir when a people are taken from thier natural habitat and for four centuries had their minds conditioned to think as thier captors and as the elders die off the lessons are harder for the new generations to comprehend as we are ingrained into the captive society and newer stronger forms of brainwashing continue to remove us further from our true identity until we can only identfy with our captors...peace be unto you chief.