Chief Elder Osiris : It Is Time To Come Out From America, Black People!!!

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is no greater master teacher than Nature action and all who ignore the Divinity of Nature, become a servant of the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, he who carry the lighted torch of lies and deception, which prevent you from being able to see that which is Divinely True and Real, in and beyond the physical Universe.

    Without the knowledge of what the Divine Essence ( GOD) Is, then you become an invalid in your effort to know thyself and without such Divine Wisdom, the knowledge of God escapes you who claim to be so religious aware.

    It has been predicted that America will one day fall from her ill-gotten place in the world, so the question become, is America now falling, well such is not for me to say, but I do know that nature cause by her action, change that come gradually, so I can say to you, what you are witnessing of America social, economic, political, and religious condition, I can safely say that America is in a falling mode, not that this will be the fall that crumble the shell of America, and I say shell because there has long since not been the America those crooks you call the founding fathers established for themselves and their off-sprang, and nobody else, especially Black People, whom they held to be below the value of their animal property.

    I have often shared with you the Black status in America and I have often shared with you the fact that America as it is, does not belong to Black People and in no way will Black People be able to rise to power in America, not in a position whereby Divine Change will come to the life living condition of Black people in America, no beloved, because it is not in America plan for such to happen and most certainly it is not the Nature of your Being for such to happen in America, which serve as the tomb that hold our Enslaved Ancestors.

    When it come to the body life of all Beings of which the Divine Essence is the architect of and if those Beings are no longer guided by their Divine Mind, then a Divine Spirit you can not have and any nation that is not guided by a Divine Mind, is a nation that does in fact display a spirit that is corrupt and profane, and only destruction can be the destiny of such nations.

    So, in America you have a nation that is corrupt and is profane in its expression toward Black people in America, you who are here by no choice of your own, which is significant, which make those Black people a special people in America and have no business in America in this day and Time, because America Time as a great power is on the decline, not military power but power of influence and anytime you have not the ability to influence others, then you have no respect of others of your stature in the world, that become a sign of a nation weakness and no better nation to serve as an example that verify such truth, happen to be the Black Nation today.

    The Black Nation story is one of Divine as well as profane proportion, a nation that started out upon this planet earth with a Divine nature because the original nature of Black people is rooted universally in Divinity, so the coming to this planet earth mean that our First Way Ancestors was in fact Divine Beings and the proof of such a stated claim is the evidence they left behind that reflect their Divine knowledge which serve as proof that they were of the knowledge of What God Is and did have a relationship with all of those Universe Elemental forces that are of the Universe, both of them, the Ethereal and the physical, one being eternal and infinite and the other being limited and finite.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    It is not given for all great nations to rise and fall, the Greater Good is meant to remain forever, so when nations fall, it serve as a sign that such nations are not of Divine Quality and any nation that move not in the circle of Harmony, Order, and Balance is a profane nation, destine to fall while it is reigning on high stature in the world.

    The War of this World is between Divinity and Profanity, Religion and Divine Spirituality, so call Good and Bad, right and wrong, which sum up to be between the Divine Beings and the Human Beings, so in term of race, it is a war by the people calling themselves Caucasian (White) against the people of a Divine nature, whose pigment shade is without color, commonly referred to as Black People, such is the Divine revelation that is verified by the past action that has gone of between Black and White people and such action all the time, instigated by those people of fair color against the Black Nation, a nation whose origin is the Divine Infinite Universe, causing the nation to be a nation of none colored Black shaded Divine Beings, a shade that first cover the Mind, that will determine your Divine Blackness.

    So today to reveal such Divine information about Black People, is not a popular thing to do today, because the world has conditioned Black people not to speak highly of themselves any more and to go willingly into the melting pot of America, even when you are witnessing the decline of America and whose fall could be the final fall of America.

    Yet even in America present decline , the war continue against Black and poor people as America place the blame of their economic down turn to be that of Black and poor people, a people who have yet to acknowledge that the war in the world is against the rise of the Black Nation, against the Divine Beings who carry the DNA of their Divine Ancestors, which qualify them, if left alone, would cause you to become qualified to bring back Divine order to the World upon the Planet Earth.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Nature Universe is there because of a Divine Essence and those that happen to be a part of that universe, they are of Divine significance and since it is the Black Nation who first colonize Mother Earth, then it happen to be those Black Divine Beings obligation to bring peace and justice back to the world upon this planet, which can only be by the resumption of your Divine Spiritual action and that can only be, when the Black Nation has gathered in unity back in that place call Afrika, guided by the lost people of the Black Nation, they who happen to be in the northern part of the earth call America and that is why Black people in America, there by way of the middle passage, must now begin to make the Exodus away from America, because not to do so, prolong the false image of America being the beacon of false hope to the world, when in fact it is Afrika with a United Nation that must reform itself to become the Star of the World again, the Sun that give Life to the World in a Divine Spiritual illumination over the world.

    Therefore, it is Time for Black People to come out from America and return to your earth base of occupation, Afrika.

    Can You Understand that, Beloved

    Obama do not have the Divine will, Strength, Power, nor inclination to participate in freeing the Black World at this Time, that is not to say in Time he can become a party to Black Folks Divine change, but not as America President, so it is the Freedom of the Black World that will cause Freedom to come to the outer world and a Divine Return Of Mother Earth it will be, back upon Its Axis in a Travel Around The Sun That Is Becoming To the Both Of Them And All Things That Participate In A Cyclical Journey In This Solar System.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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