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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me beloved, why is it that the so call Black Intellectuals, which include the Afrikan Religious Aristocracy, carry the notion of perception that when it come to having political judgment that affect Black People, they are only the people qualified to point our political way, then only the Afrikan American who have been bamboozle by the Mind of the Afrikan Americans intellectuals, into believing that they know the political direction Afrikan Americans must be interested in going, and that direction must go no further than in America, and the Black down trodden is the injured party being led in such a direction.

    Black People, you had better get up off of your Knees and you must stop depending on self elevated and hand picked leaders by white America, to be your Social, Religious, and Intellectual Afrikan Leaders, they who always claim to know where your political direction should point you to, and the way to determine whether they are faking you, when they tell you that they will make political choices for you, that will serve to your best interest, is for you to listen carefully to them, concerning what they are telling you about America and what should be your goal in Life.

    Beloved, most of your Afrikan intellectuals, I mean all of those that reach across the Professional line, covering the entertainers, artist, sports, poets, Ministers, and academia, to give you an idea of whom I make reference to, you beloved must come to realize that those people are trapped in an America Caste and all that they tell you will be how you are to fight to make White Folks change their behavior toward you and they lead you to believe when it come to a change of condition in your life, such a change must take place only in America, in other word, their perception of your Social, Economic, and Educational Liberation is only to take place in America, using a wicked political system to achieve that change and I am here to share with you, those so call intellectual Leaders, are those that serve to be the greatest danger to your Black so call Afrikan Life.

    All eyes and talk political, is on the Obama and Hillary contest and it is your so call intellectuals that is misguiding you to believe that your Salvation is to come from an Obama Presidency and all who tell you that of an intellectual status and claim to be Black so call Afrikans Leaders, they are lying and deceiving you.

    Let nobody tell you that your trip in the DNA of your Enslaved Ancestors to America does not matter to you, when in fact, DNA and Environment structure the attitudinal Behavior of the Being, in this case the Divine Black Beings, so because we children of the Middle Passage find ourselves in a place we did not make the decision to be in, such does not take away from your nativity to that place referred to as Afrika, meaning that you have just as much claim to that Land than those Afrikans that did not make the journey across the Middle Passage, so because of your Closeness to your Enslaved Ancestors, such a fact give cause for you to be just as much or even more of the Divine Being than any Afrikan that did not make the journey and still find themselves a victim of the social interaction of Racial Assimilation.

    I am of the Mind, that Rape assimilation is an evil we have experienced, but can be less damaging DNA wise, than Volunteering Social Assimilation can ever be to the once Divine Black Being, I have said that, in order to show that the Black so call Afrikan Children of the Middle Passage has a responsibility along with a DNA drive, to not be transformed into becoming an Afrikan American, so no amount of White Folks political Hype using an Afrikan American to serve as a Magnet in hope it will Draw Black Folks back into the political Party Game, hoping that will give the Democrats a better shot of reclaiming the White House and whether Obama or Hillary Win, the bet is, that you Black Folks will stay in the game until the end, with a hope that the Democrats more so than the candidate will reassure power in America politics.

    So, beloved, this political Race is not about Obama Change, because no matter who Win, your black Behind Lose again and will continue to lose as long as you allow yourselves to be fooled by the Afrikan Leadership, Professionals Intellectuals, they who are now held captive in the Caste of being an Afrikan American.

    We Black so call Afrikans are fast to critique that which you do not Know, without giving yourselves a chance to try it out, meaning to know again, but that which you do know, and have tried it out, and such a Trial have been founded lacking of having the respect to change the Life condition of the so call Black Afrikans In America.

    So that which you do know, do not work for the Change your Black Life Need, it is that certainty that you do not question, nor do you question your oppressors about all of the Lies you have been fed and still is eating, without question for clarity, or for motivation for your Liberation away from America deceiving politics, that which your Lying deceiving Leaders continue to mislead you into believing that America is all that you Children of the Middle Passage have, in the way of a country, and by you not knowing that you will never have America, not in the way that you Black Folks should be in control America, because that is the only way you will be qualified to create a Divine Environment and such an Environment will Bud for you only in Afrika, something your Intellectuals and Run-Away Afrikan American, will never tell you the Truth about.

    Obama can serve as a positive to you Black People, but not in the way that your lying Intellectual Afrikan Leaders are telling you, an expectation that rest on False Hope strengthen with Wishful believing that a change is coming to your life that you can appreciate.

    Beloved, no greater lie has ever been told to you than that, because such promises are only a recipe that serve for only an Afrikan American Disaster, in the wake of what is being promise to you Black Afrikan Americans, having an Obama President of America.

    I am being accused of only pointing out the worse in Black Folks, yet all I do is share with you the Divine Truth about the attitude and behavior of the Black race and I challenge anyone to point out one untruth I have ever said about Afrika and the Black Nation, so am I to be condemn for sharing what I See, meaning I do more than Look at Afrika and the Black Afrikan People, a Place and People I Love Divinely and that is why I must Share the Divine Truth of what I See of a Land no longer under the Control of its People and a People grown not to know who in the Hell that we are, what a pity and a Shame and you expect for me to continue to cover up what I See, as your Lying Intellectual Leaders do ?

    No Beloved, Not I, That Is Why I Seek Not Your Favor Or To Join Your Egoistical Envious Club, because it is that behavior that has gotten Afrika in the condition it is in today and have caused the Black Nation to be one that is Divided unto itself, a recipe for proven disaster for Afrika and Black People.

    Yes, Yes, The Children Of Our Enslaved Ancestors Have A Right To Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation And The Right To Return To Our Ancestors Native Land, Afrika, And To Become The Next Independent Established State In Afrika, Which Is In No Ways The Same As Liberia, Which Is No More Than A Territory Of America, United States Government.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan
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