Chief Elder Osiris : It is Time For Black People To Become Totally Objective

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
It is Time For Black People To Become Totally Objective When Dealing With The Events That Affect Our Lives.

By Chief Elder Osiris

The Time for complete seriousness has now come upon the Black Nation and all Wishful Believing must be set aside so that the Divine Truth can have its presence known in the lives of Black People, because we have used all other alternative to the Divine Truth, in order to believe all that we now been told about the World we now live in, and our present approach to getting to become acquainted with A Life we want to live, and it being based upon false information that we have learned to accept and embrace as being what our life need in order to survive and not to be Free, such an approach we take in our lives have been proved not to be the approach that is qualified to make our lives safe again in this World of Evil doers.

There is no greater example that I can point to, that reveal the subjective living of Black People than the subject of the present President of America, Barack Obama, because Black People have decided to look at the present President of America with and through the eyes of total lies and deception, a subjective approach that will guide you to accept what you are looking at without the use of objectivity, because in being objective in your analysis of a situation, it require for you to disrobe with all of your Wants, Hope, Faith, and Belief, and to deal with what is commonly Is, which should be based upon a set of Facts and experiences that will verify the approach of your objectivity, and not the conditioning of your subjectivity concerning the potential of an Obama Presidency and of the Black Life actuality in the World today.

The Divinity of objectivity will teach you that there is not one thing that Obama is to do that will change the course of the Black so call Afrikan Life, that will cause it to begin to experience the past sovereignty of the Black life and that Sovereignty is about the Life Divinity of Black People taking place in the Land of our Mother and Father which the oppressors have gotten us to refer to as Afrika, taking nothing away from at one Time it being the Land of the gods, our Ancient First Way Ancestors.

As you observed America President in Europe this past Week, to the Divine Eye of Black People it was apparent that Obama was in lock step with what his role as president of America is all about, which is to resale America to the World in order to regain world respect for America and by being objective in your observation it should have came clear to Black People that Obama goal and objective is in common step with the overall goal of Lucifer, and that is to establish a World Government with a central theme of obtaining a ONE WORLD DISORDER, by erecting an oligarch of decisive power to direct a world society that is locked with a Mind of profane vanity.

Black people look at obama in the way that a Human Being Mind has taught us to observe, which is based upon how we want things to be for our lives, which is the way the Human Being live their lives, so when ever you see obama making claim to be America President that is a claim that verify and certify that in the looking eyes of President Obama, Black People in America and the World, plays no special part in his action of being President of America, and for Obama to signify such a position about America, it is to imply that all is equal in Treatment in America and that the one special Group in America who are not listed amongst the people who have immigrated to America, is of no special interest to Him and such an observed analysis is an objective one, which most Black People willingly deny and are able to do so because of the quality of Mind that now guide Black People, it being the Human Being Mind.

So, do you wonder why it is that we have Many Black Scholars, Researchers, and all of the other professionals among us who end up when giving their ignorant intelligent analysis and lectures about the plight of Black People and they do so using a Luciferian Philosophy of Life, in an effort to explain the reason, the cause and effect that have Black People lives all wrapped up in a state of religious and Social, Economic, Political, confusion?

They giving advice to Black People about our present condition in Life which is based upon the Human Being Education, an education that teach Black People who are claiming to be so well European educated, telling Black People nothing but lies about ourselves and about why it is we are so satisfied in our present life condition, wishing, wanting and waiting for a miracle to happen, that Will cause our Lives to become, not as we need it to be, but as we want it to be, and want is as a dagger that we use to drive right into the Divine Mind of Black People.

As I was observing the pageantry of Obama coming out on the World Stage, serving to be as America President, representing a Black Nationality, there was nothing done or said that would give you cause to know that there is a Continent on this Planet with a population of Black People who are deserving to be recognized as A people who have been made to be invisible by those same devilish people claiming to be the power of the guiding light of the world, with the exception of the Black World, and there is a President of America claiming to be Black who make it not to be a mystery of who he represent on the world stage and the America stage, which he clearly states that he has no Time to deal with Black People problem, he is only concerned with America Problems, you see, when ever the subject of Race come up in America and the world, it represent the subject of Black People.

So you see, and Black People must come to be able to See again, if we are going to come into the knowledge of what our responsibility is to ourselves and not anybody else, which require for Black People to become objective when dealing with the Divine Truth concerning Black People problem in the world today, because to remain subjective about Black People problem will only re-inforce the use of the Human Being Mind, a Mind that only look favorable at the oppressors of Black so call Afrikans.

We must come once again to master the Mental art of interacting with our Ancient First Way Ancestors and we must let lose of the notion that someone other than our Black individual selves can take us into the presence of our Ancient First Way Ancestors, when in fact the only action that can introduce us back with our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors is the Divine Mind Thoughts, and by such Mental prowess we can collectively come to know of the gods inside of us Black People.

When we are advising Black People about the Divine Truth about ourselves, the one thing that give way to that claim of of not being of Truth and it not being of the Divine caliber it must be in order to bring Divine enlightenment to your Mental awareness, it is when such advice is given in the context of Religion being the main source to guide you, and any so call Black Afrikan who attempt to dignify the Character of the Jesus Religion as being our main source of guidance, then know that such advice is only subjective and is not objective and all serious Black People on a journey of being re-introduce to your ability to have Divine Thoughts, must come to operate in your Divine Mind that will dismiss such advice as folly in an effort to maintain our state of confusion about our Divine Ancient First Way Cosmic Ancestors.

When Black People come to learn how to become objective in our analysis of the cause and effect that have our Life to appear on the World Stage today and have no Divine Value at all, then will we begin to show signs of coming into the Divine Truth again, and it is that Truth that will inform us what it is we must do collectively as Black People in order to have our lives to become Divine and Safe again, and Obama and all of his allies will not be able to prevent the Black Life from experiencing the Divine Change that is to come to the Black so call Afrikan Life, which will cause the rise of a United Black Nation again and will cause Afrika to become Afrika again.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

Chief Elder
The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement


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