Chief Elder Osiris : It Is Not What Has Been Declared To Be Right Or Wrong For Your Life

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    It Is Not What Man Has Declared To be Right Or Wrong For Your Life, It Is what Nature Has Indicated Is acceptable Or Unacceptable For Your Life, Such Represent The Action of God, The Divine Essence.

    If we Black people continue to comply with Lucifer right and wrong, we will continue to sit on the side line of life, as we watch Afrika go into transition, as we continue to become an obsolete Black Race of a people.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Say What you will or may not, It Is The Divine Black quality of Mind that let you know what God the Divine Essence, is, Black people today has lost the edge upon which we once stood, that being the Divine edge, where Divine information reside, it being in the Divine corner of
    your Mind, a place where God the Divine Essence is always present, be you in use of your Divine mind or your profane mind, it is the profane Mind that today, Most Black people choose to guide our lives, a Mind that is under the control of Lucifer the Human Being.

    When you do not know what God the Divine Essence is, you set yourself up to be exposed
    to all that you do not know about life, and without Divine Guidance, you end up believing
    everything others tell you about God the Divine Essence and about Life resident in the Cosmos.

    You can not know and understand life and its Divine meaning and purpose, if you do not Know God the Divine essence, and when you fall ignorant to such Divine knowledge, then what ever is told to you concerning the Universe and Life, become believable by you, and that is the greatest mistake Black people has made in life.

    Who in their Divine Mind will accept the notion about god as so been depicted by Lucifer Religion, it have you believing that God speaks as a man to you, he being a Human Being that speaks to you, which you now believe, such a believer do not know the value of having a Divine mind that qualify you to live on the edge of Divinity, a place where only the Greater good is revealed to you about Life, the Universe, and the Divine Essence, God.

    God the Divine Essence, is not a Man nor a woman, It is what it is, Infinite Dark energy, which is infinite, revealing to all who live and operate in their Divine mind the mystery of the universe and Life, the Divine Mind is where no right or wrong is present.

    So, let us deal with life, since we live it every day, and know nothing about it, no more than what Lucifer has conditioned you to believe about life and all things pertaining to life, which is a lie, which mean that the believer live only a Lie and know nothing about the Divine truth concerning life.

    Black people no longer live on the Divine edge of life, therefore we know nothing about God the Divine Essence, and when caught up in such ignorance, it only qualify you to become anybody mental slave and a slave is one whose Divine mind is not present in the life of your body living.

    Lucifer has conquered the Divine Mind of Black people, so what so ever Lucifer tell you about God, the universe, and about your life, you believe without question, because in Lucifer world, his reality become your fantasy, there are two realities, one being without matter and the other being of matter, and all that is of matter is not real.

    So here you Black people are, not knowing what God the Divine Essence is, as you are told to believe in God words, an indication that such a God speak verbal to you, as you wait ignorantly to hear His voice, such is fantasy reality and today, Lucifer command such a reality, as he tell you what is right or wrong in life, and in Lucifer world, what is right serve to the advantage of Lucifer, and what is wrong in accordance to Lucifer, serve to the detriment of the black life.

    So, there is no wonder why black people are as we are today, we no longer live on the Divine edge of life, a Dimension that allow you to know that it is Nature that serve as the supreme representative of God the divine essence, and Nature action become the verifier of God the divine Essence, the God that does not move, but is every where at the same time.

    What is right and wrong, remove what Lucifer has established to be right and wrong and what do you have starring at you and is qualified to indicate to you the action by your life, that is acceptable or unacceptable, it being none other than that which we accept to be Nature, and Nature is the action that is beyond man control, even though man attempt to emulate Nature in his acts of evil.

    Nature is not defeat-able, it is the Divine action of God the Divine Essence, it being Infinite energy intelligence, and if you abide by the indication of Nature, your life will be based upon a quality of living that is acceptable to the action of nature, such requiring a Divine Mind to acknowledge Nature teaching about life and the Universe, which have you to become acquainted with God the Divine Essence.

    The Greater order of Reality is Ethereal existence, the Dimension where antimatter reside, there is where life cease to be and Divine Existence is verified, there in such a dimension where the illusion of right and wrong does not exist, only on the physical dimension of reality does such illusion has its value in life living..

    Return to the Divine edge and you will see all you need to know to be able to protect your life from Lucifer illusionist reality, the play ground of the Devil, Satan, and Lucifer, as you struggle to comply to abide by Lucifer order of right and wrong, that which has no standing in Nature presence.

    Nature is the representative of God the Divine Essence, when it act, all should listen in order to be able to see the active communication of Nature, it giving to you the opportunity to experience the order of life, and it is experience that serve to life as being its Master Teacher, the Divine teacher that does not delve in right or wrong, but is actively engaged in Harmony, Order, And Balance, the requirement for life active protective living, such a quality of living represent the quality of mind that is guiding your life, which is Divine, and need no right or wrong to command your life.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
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