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Jan 3, 2002
It Is Divine Therapy For Black People To Express Anger Toward The Oppressors Of Black People

By Chief Elder Osiris

Tell me, is it that Black people just do not know any better in how to express ourselves toward evil or is it that we serve as a perfect example of how powerful subliminal suggestion and manipulation influence is, on and to the Mind?

Because Black people most certainly do serve as evidence that such Mind programming does in fact determine how you are to believe about your self and not to know thyself, which cause such a Mind quality to act in the way the programmer of your mind is directing you to act, and today, Black people operate under a programmed Mind, and Lucifer The Human Being is our programmer, having Black people to believe that the Human Being know everything that Black people are conditioned to believe and never to know about concerning our Black selves.

Have you ever notice how some of us Black people have the audacity to ask a question such as, why Black people are so angry, such a question come from a Black mind that is certainly ill.

So when we ask such a question, is it that Black people who ask such a question just do not know any better, because when you have been programmed to be mentally stuck in using your mind to believe and not to profoundly Think, then you become the mental product of your mental programmer, and all of the information that come from Lucifer the Human Being, your mental programmer, is information you have been conditioned to believe is True and Real, without you being able to stop and Think in order to get to know if all Lucifer teach you about the Divine Essence, the Universe, and about your Black selves, is what you know to be Divinely True and Real.

So no, it is no wonder why it is that Black people running all around trying to sound so intelligent when asking the question, why Black people are so angry, and I say, the anger Black people express today is not good, nor is it Divine Therapy, because the anger is directed toward the self of the Black so call Afrikan and then we spread such profane anger toward each other, never directing the anger where it will justify you to do so, and will serve to be Divine therapy for the Body life of Black people.

So you see, Black Anger become a Divine therapy to Black people when we show anger toward those who have contributed to the Fall of the Black Afrikan Nation and have taken away Afrika from the Afrikan, and when we do not show such anger toward our abusers, I must ask, is it that we Black people do not know any better, is it to be taken as evidence of how mentally sick we Black people have been made to become, today?

To suppress justified anger is to contribute to your mental illness, beloved, justified anger suppressed, it does all kind of damage to the body life of Black people, why do you hear of Black people suffering from all sorts of physical and mental illness today, illness that was not common to the body life of Black people, when we were living our lives Divinely, and now when someone come along looking just like us sharing information that your Black Mind has been programmed to forget, you go complaining talking about you can not understand what such Divine information now being shared with you mean, and we choose to ignore instead of Mentally explore that which we are not familiar with, as we now measure everything that come to our lives by what Lucifer the Human Being, your Human oppressors has conditioned your mind to believe.

These type things that we do that serve to be a detriment to the body and mind of Black people, is it that we just do not know any better, or is it that we have been made to believe that we do know better, and that is why we believe the way that we do about our Black selves.

Here we are, always running around telling Black people that it is not good to express anger, because Jesus told us to Love Everybody, the problem with Jesus instruction is that he must have forgotten to tell all of those other people who have had the freedom to abuse, use, and misinform Black people about the way we must live our lives, and such a way is to be Free and independent, enjoying the Sovereignty of our Body Life Spirit, a Spirit that must be Divine, that is, if we are to ever get to understand again and Know for certain who we Black people Divinely Are.

Is it that Black people just do not know any better, not knowing that it is Divine therapy to express Anger toward those with a history of lying, deceiving, abusing, and using Black people?

So much so until we today take pleasure in all Lucifer has taught us to believe about their religious God, the Universe, and about our Black selves, and that we have been made to be such a good student to the point we just do not know any better about how we are to respond and react toward our abusers, as we sit idly by watching the lives of Black people dwindle away into the sea of Lucifer Socialization, a Social life that have Black people to be hungry and thirsty for the integration / Assimilation with those people representing our oppressors, while the oppressors of Black people continue to increase the mental illness of Black people, which we are now experiencing in our lives today.

Yes, we strive to love those who are constantly kicking our Black behind and Mind, so much so, until we Black people live a life of denial of our Mental sickness, looking at our life way of living to be a normal way for Black people to live our lives, today.

So I ask, is such a spirit we now express today, an indication that we Black people just do not know any better?

Justified Anger toward that which prevent your Mind to run free, is Divine therapy, and is capable of loosening the hold Lucifer has over the Mind of Black people, yes, show anger with such a force of freedom of the Mind until it will begin a mental healing process to take place with you mentally.

You will begin to see how much clearer you will be able to look at what Lucifer has done to the Black Mind and the more angrier you become the more your Mind will be able to See the True and Real condition of the Body Life living of Black people in a world that we have been made to become a part of, and it is Lucifer World today, a world that is full of evil,lying and deception.

Such a evil spirit in action, feed off of the Mental ill, we who are afraid to show Divine Justified Anger, all because of a Religious belief so instituted, claiming it to be unchristian like to show anger, because to do so, Jesus is not going to take us back with him when he come back to this Earth.

Tell me beloved, is it that we Black people who believe in such fantasy, is it that we just do not know any better, because to know better will have Black people Mad as Hell at Lucifer, showing all of the Divine anger needed that will cause us to become Divinely focus upon ourselves again, an anger to be shown for what Lucifer the oppressor has done and is still doing to the Black Mind.

Divine anger clears the Mind so that it can See clearly, Profane Anger Blind the Mind and have you believing that which you do not know and can not see, and a blind Mind reflect a spirit of totally dependency, a need common only to a child and the Handicap with physical and/or mental disability

Suppressed Divine Anger will cause the Mind to become reduced to the level belief of a slave, always looking for Jesus to come save a ill gotten body life, a life without Divine substance, a life that live so low, until it is justified by asking, is it that Black people are living such a lowly controlled life and seem to love it and do so without putting forth an effort to free our Mind and body, being in such a pitiful low mental state of mind, is it because we just do not know any better?

Because without Divine anger expressed toward evil, such will allow for a lowly profane religious life of Black people to remain as it is today, waiting on Jesus to come and save our Black believing do nothing to free ourselves behind.

Beloved, It is Divine Anger that will have you to follow the Link below, and begin to free your Mind, beloved.

No space must appear in the Link.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder


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