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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris:

Whether you accept what I share or not and me telling you my affection for the Black World is tantamount to me Warning Black People about Religion and Sharing with black people what is the evil that bound the Mind of a once divine World of black people and that evil is the Human being Religion, they that created the greatest lie Ever to be told about GOD, Space, the Perfect Shadow of GOD, commonly referred to as the Heavenly Universe, by those Lying Human Beings, in and of this Evil World , evil because at this present Time, the Human Being control the world and it is the Mind of the Human Being that is evil and deceitful To the Black World.

Beloved, when I share with you, that the greatest weapon of Mass destruction used against Black People, happen to be the Human Being Religion, such information is not my idea about Religion or my opinion about Religion, nor is it my belief about Religion, but it is the Divine Truth about Religion, based upon a Black People experience caused by Religion, which was and is Harmful to cause the present Life Way of Living Of black People.

So, such information that I and many other Divine Thinking Black People on these Yahoo groups share with you about religion in a very Independent Mind and Profound Thinking Way, is based upon Empirical Fact, Divinely verified by the Black Vitim's Life experience that come from our involvement with the Devil Religion.

Yes, All Religion Is Of the Devilish Human Beings, regardless of Ethnicity, in its relationship to Black People, because Religion hold the reputation for Paralyzing the Mind of Black People, preventing us from knowing who in the Hell we Black Folks are and our self ignorance is not something we inherited from our Divine Cosmic Ancient First Way Black Ancestors.

Therefore, it is an attack coming from the Human Being, using the weapon of Religion that conquered the Mind of Black People, religion is what have Black people today, not knowing What Is GOD, The Meaning Of The Universal Perfect Night and not knowing the Self of Black People, and the weapon used by the Criminal Human Being, is none other than Religion, and you tell me that I must be reluctant to inform you Black People about the Divine Truth concerning Religion relationship to the Black Life, that Relationship being of the Gravest element of Evil to infect the Mind of Black People.

So, it is the Relationship Religion has with Black People I speak of, knowing that we now are in the Time of a Black Renaissance, which now bring enlightenment to the Black World, telling about the Evil and power of Religion, the Weapon used to bring Down The Greatest Civilization to ever Embrace this Planet referred to as Earth.

When dealing with a Seral Assassin, you do not involve yourself in ignorant games, meaning that you do not imply about each other to not be worthy to be listen to, just because of the misspelling of a Human being Name, so assigned to us Black People, Hell, I intentionally miss spell the Human Being Names and I can care less about not sounding Human Being Proper, when dealing with the Human Being English or anybody else Language, it is the children of the Middle Passage, whose our Mother Tongue been Cut Out From Our Divine Mind, so to Hell with all America has taught the Brand New Afrikan Human Being American, about america Values and being European Proper, as the Religious Minded So call Afrikan Human Being american, proudly believe of our Black selves in the way we have so adapted to the ways of those with a History of oppressing and kicking the behind of Black People.

Now, to the Subject at hand, All Black People that Push the Human Being Doping Religion upon the black world, is committing a Criminal act against black People and because of the fact that Religion is more deadly than any Dope Drug, the Pusher is Pushing in the Black World today, thus it be the Human Being Religious Pusher, causing us to become Religious Dope Addicts.

Therefore, such from the point of view of Facts that verify the effectiveness of the affect that the Dope like affect Religion has on the Mind of the Black World, with a few exceptions of those Black Folks that Think for a Living, other than that, the Religious affect upon Black People, is a criminal offense committed against the psychic of Black People by Black People who have become Pushers of Religion, a Dope that has been Killing Black People by the hundred of Millions, a Drug that most all Black People suffer from and is addicted to, today.

Therefore, all Black people that defend the Minsters, Preachers, Pastors of Religion, they are the Main Religious Dope Pushers, so we who sit around encouraging the Use of Religion, you are no more than enablers to the Religious dope Pushers and to be in such company make you out to be Criminals committing the Crime of Religion against the Black World, a Drug that has a History of Killing the mental divine Psychic of Black People.

Beloved, Religion can not be adequately justified nor Defended when Black People are the Prime Subject of interest, there is not one Thing we can Point to that give Religion a Good Report when the Mind and Life of Black People are of Prime concern, so yes, it is criminal to push Religion onto Black People , getting Religion to become the Believing ways of the Black world, a sure way of keeping Black People from ever rising back into our Divine Mind so that we can take back control of our Life way of thinking, something we Black Folks have not done together in a very Long Time.

It is down right Criminal to try and shield the Dope that has been and still is being used to keep Black people in a Mental Daze, keeping Black people religiously Doped up, waiting and believing in the promise euphoria religion cause upon the Human Bing Mind of the so call Afrikan Human Being.

A searal Killer, mark the prey, observe it and wait for an opportune Time to strike, with the victims always having something in common that excite the searal Killer, so it is with the Human Being and their Religion, but the Truth of the matter of Religion, no matter how sad it may be, Religion has been winning the Battle for the Believing Human Being Mind of Black People and we now so doped up with the Human Being Religion, until Religion has affected the Seeing, Hearing, and speaking Divinely of Black people and it is all because Religion has paralyzed the Divine Mind of he Black World, so much so until we have developed a habit of not Thinking, as we remain Drugged out on Religion, believing all it falsely promise to us Black People, as the criminals continue to Push the Drug Religion onto the Mind Belief of the Newly Afrikan Human Being Religious Addict.

Before the coming of the Divine Truth on the scene of Black People Life action, Religion was in fact the Criminal Don , the Godfather of the Black World and nobody dared to Speak the Divine Truth concerning the Drug Religion, so, for Thousand of Years, Religion had the Freedom of exploding in the Mind of the Afrikan Human Being and the Criminals of such Religious action became elevated to the pinnacle of the Religious endeavors, and all was well with the Dope Pushers of Religion, and we user had no one to come to our rescue.

Not so any more Beloved, today the Divine Truth is Rising to take on the Fallacy of that dope Drug, Religion, and now the victim believers cry foul as we the Divine Thinkers come rising, sharing the Divine Truth about Religion, we needing not to create a story Lie about God nor misguide Black People that there is a Better Life on the other side of this Life, if only we Believe such a Lie to become our made up Truth, such is he power Drug of Religion.

Our Divine Ancient First way Ancestors informed us about the various components of he Body that cause Life to have Meaning by our Action, not based upon some fable or allegories about the Past, Present, and Future, as so have been created by he Human being, serving upon the foundation of Religious Lies.

Our Ancient Divine Ancestors informed us, in order to get the Highest and Greater Good from our Life, then we must be qualified to input the Highest and Greater Good to our Life Living, by the way we Think about all we must be qualified to see, while we interact with the Body Senses and with such a Divine Relationship in actuality, then the singularity of such Life Body Action will cause you to be able to experience the Divine Euphoria of the interfacing of the Soul, Mind, Spirit, Body Acton, each attribute of the Body Divine Inner-Outer Interaction is what we refer to as a Spiritual Life Living action, a Living Action that in no way can be attain through the corridor of Religious Belief.

the Ministers, Preachers, Pastors, Priests and their Religious concubines, they who are occupying Religious Ranks within he confine of the Drug Religious order, you that are the Criminals, out pushing the Drug of Religion onto the Mind and into the Life of the Black World and Woe is unto you who take pleasure in Killing the Mind of Black People with such a wicked Viral strain of the Religious Dope that have black People bowing and Praying to a false God, Created By he Devil To Black People, They Being The Human Being and Their Weapon of Religious Dope, a weapon of Mass Destruction

Beloved, if it were not for my Deep divine Affection for the black world , I could not, nor Would I be Qualified To Share The divine Truth With you Beloved, A Divine Truth that Is Capable Of Reclaiming The black Divine Mind And Raising A religious infested Drug black Nation back to our Original status and Position in the World, we Will be then, qualified to be not of the World of Evil Performers that are in and of this evil religious world.

Religion prevent Black People from Thinking Rational and from being Logical in the way we perceive and conceive of that which is of a Divine Action, meaning an Acton that is not contradictory nor is it conniving and deceitful, but is in an Acton in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with the Action of the Natural Universe, That being of The Perfect Eternal finite Night.

Let Those That Are with Us, Embrace That which Is Divinely True and Real To Our Life Living, In this World And None Other.

To me, such That Is Beyond The physicalUniverse and into the eternal infinite Perfect Night.

The Crime We Commit against ourselves in support of the Human Being Religion.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief elder


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