Black People : It Is All About The Soul Of Black Afrikan People!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
It Is All About The Soul Of Black Afrikan Folks!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

It does not matter what your status is amonst Black Afrikan people concerning your Black activism in the Community of Black Afrikan people or what your activist rank is among Black Afrikan people and you may have been successful in mastering the propaganda machine as taught to your Black leadership by those who educate your Black behind while oppressing your Black behind and you choose to ignore your oppressive state of living in favor of accepting the false premis that have Black Afrikan people believing in those so call Black leaders who are able to generate a false impression of being a successful leader by the way that Black Afrikan leader is left to be a distraction to Black Afrikan people by the activism that espouse religious doctrine to the masses of Black Afrikan people, the type of Black leadership that is well trained to misguided Black Afrikan people about God, Life and Self, the God Lucifer has well indoctrinated the so call Religious leaders activist that is of high favor of Black Afrikan Religious believers, they carry the Soul of Black Folks that has been indoctrinated by the Black Afrikans Religious Leadership, they are the most potent liars and deceivers of Black Afrikan people who has been well trained in the act of believing about the religious God been introduced by that Racist Unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Being.

Now, allow me to share with you about what has been done to the Soul ( Mind ) of Black Afrikan Folks, you have been expertly tricked into forgetting the Divine Truth about the Naturalness of God the Divine Essence which represents the Greater Good of everything that is in the Divine Heaven, that Heaven is the Stillness Of The Infinite Night, the Black Electromagnetic Space that is Energy perpetuity vibrating, gyrating, revolving within its own intelligent action which causes the physical things to become, that is the physical universe which has an expiration date while in constant being of the process of movement of coming and going, also vibrating, rotating gyration, revolving around the object that is the master of that solar system, numbered beyond comprehension making up the physical universe, nothing in the physical of its origination is forever, only the Divine Essence the Greater Good- God is Eternal, Everlasting with an infinite presence involving not its action to dictate the action of the physical Universe which all physical things make up to be.

Now here we Black Afrikan Folks are without compassion for Freedom, choosing Religious Civil Rights over Divine Freedom a sign that there is no more among the Black Afrikan the use of Common Sense in the process of Living in the physical and without the use of Common **** Sense, ain't nothing Black Afrikans talk about doing or will accomplish that will serve to the Greater Good Of Afrika and Black Afrikan people to live in Afrika, for only the Greater Good will flourish for the Black Afrikan in Afrike you must be with control of your Black Soul, beloved.

All of the talk we do about Reparation we have yet to innerstand its Divine significance, we talk about things needed to happen in Afrika that will be for the Greater Good of Black Afrikans in Afrika and all of the talk we do is without the use of Common **** Sense and you ignore the Divine Truth I share about how we no longer is with the Divine Bit in the Soul of Black Afrikan folks and you believe you are doing me a disservice by ignoring what I share with you when in fact you be proving who it is that is the Greater Danger to Black Afrikan people, You are, beloved Black Woman and Man, as long as you allow religion be your guide and Lucifer Heaven your desire!!!

With the absent of use of Common **** Sense, there will not be rising in Afrika a United States Of Afrika Government, No Afrika For The Black Afrikans, No Unified Black Afrikan Nation, all signify the Soul of Black Afrikans being without the use of Common **** Sense because it is the use of Common Sense beloved that is going to have Afrika and Black Afrikans to rise again in the splendor of Freedom, Justice, and Independence in Afrika!!!

When there is a unified use of common sense Afrika and Black Afrikans will rise to the pyramid pinnacle where our Divine freedom resides.

Divine Respect

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