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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    As I watch the Minstrel like Presidential atmosphere unfold and as I see the Line between Gender and Race become more apparent and as I hear the excuse Many Black Women in support of Hillary struggle to sound intelligent when giving their reason, and when they be voicing their support for Hillary over Obama, it make me to know what our Ancestors of Slavery and Segregation Time meant when they label Black men and Women as Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemima, meaning Black people who will choose the Slave Master over their Own Kind, so as those that did labeled those Afrikans of that time as such, even for no other Reason than to give a High Caliber of being Proud and Loyal to a Racial Identify that was in need of Self Respect and an exercise of Self dignity, because our Ancestors of the obvious Uncle tom Era, Knew that there was nothing of Self dignity to be gained by cowering down to the Slave Master, not even if a Few lashes was to be spared to the Uncle Tom and Aunt Jamima of that day.

    Beloved, the same principle should apply in this day and time and nothing can be more self demeaning and Ancestral disrespectful than to suggest that the Black Warrior Liberationists, they were fighting against the Jim Crow Injustice, so that their Children can have the opportunity to choose a White anything of appreciable intelligence over Black Representation of a Higher Quality Being, higher because there is no Story about our Ancient First Way Ancestors Labeling another Being of difference, as Chattel Animal, a Reality that verify that the Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima of today, operate on a false mental Level that allow them to act in a state of Denial and Wanting Forgetfulness regarding our Past experiences.

    It is the Afrikan Uncle tom and aunt Jamima who are in search of an America White Messiah and yes, there are Black activist who are in search for a Black Messiah in America as well and they all carry the Virus of Self Hatred and Denial, here in America, because they all embrace the social agenda of Racial Assimilation, which not all time, but in recent time, are what America Environment breed amongst White and Black Afrikan Americans, they are Black People being in America by way of the Middle passage and now are searching for a Pie in the Sky Dream with Hope it can be made to be Real, the Dream being Racial Blindness and just only progress in America and so, what do the Afrikan Americans do, well we end up portraying the role of Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima and Civil Right Activist in America Cess Pool of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, as the Afrikan Americans play the role of the Ostrich, as well as the forgetful Afrikan in America, searching for a White or Black Messiah in America.

    Beloved, it is in Afrika where the Need for a Black Messiah is in Demand, not that the Afrikan in Afrika demand such to be the case, but it is the Social, Economic, Education and Religious Virus Warriors that cause Afrikans in Afrika to be in need of a Black messiah, someone to deliver Afrika and the Afrikan People out from the bondage of the lost self identity, and the lack of, Black Afrikan Leadership.

    Afrikans are in need of a Leader that cross all Afrikan boundaries and Social stratum of Afrikan Tribalism, which serve as the Evil Cancer that is eating away the Divine Mind of a once Divine Black Afrikan People.

    I say that Afrika is more than worthy to become the Beacon of World Leadership, it is Afrika the Land, where the gods of a Divine Black Unified Nation once stood and reside and it is the Once Black Divine Beings in Afrika that is qualified to reveal a Black so call Afrikan Messiah, a Divine Being that has the Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, and the vision needed to Deliver Afrika and Afrika Divine Inhabitants back to the Height and Level of a Divine status that was in fact, once enjoyed by a Unified Black Homogeneous Nation, a people who are the Ascendants from a People with a Level of Divine Intelligence that qualified them to be gods in the Universe, a people that had Long in their possession, the Knowledge about the Stars and Planets and that nucleus element which cause all Elements to be, yes, they were people that did Know What GOD IS.

    So Beloved, not America, but it is Afrika that is in need of a Black Messiah and the Black Prophecy declare, that messiah will in fact rise right from Among you and will be whom you know Not, and least expect Not.

    So I invite you to observe the condition of Afrika and Her People and tell me, which Nation upon this Planet is more in need of a Black Messiah and need I say that the Devil stand watch Twenty Four Seven, always on the Watch for the one they Know is to come to Deliver a Long Lost Once Divine Black Nation back to the World and to their Divine status, which is known only to a People that has a Relationship with the Perfect Eternal Infinite Space Without Light illumination, which is referred to as the Night.

    Beloved, It Is Time For The Black Nation And Its Land, To Rise Again, Truly, Afrika And The Black Nation is In need Of A Black Messiah !!!

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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