Black Poetry : It became a twist of fate when you kissed my cake right here in VIRGINIA BEACH and then reach for pa


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May 11, 2006
It became a twist of fate when you kissed my cake right here in VIRGINIA BEACH and then reach for panties, got shook luck but boys look up to me for some reason it's a dumb season for love, my fond treasure is beyond measure to boys it's a pleasure to kiss my lips from a standstill then they plan an ill date jest to fill my cake when I open my thighs, this love junk taste drastic and like a wastebasket boys toss trash in my ears with this love stuff and it's club tuff boys think I got wet pie I'm gonna let fly, now I'm a REDBONE with cake and have to keep my head on straight in VIRGINIA BEACH this BLACK HIPHOP is like a scheme i have all type of dreams one dream a boy wanna take it i was naked on a unicorn born with a voice had no choice so i fell off and a boy fell on top of me and put his thing right in there I couldn't go anywhere he jest go crazy on it, I'm a hot female and like a cocktail got taste and when boys need a girl quick they hurl sick love talk as bait and usually get the cake wow I try duck and still git hit with a love talk uppercut, look birds sung in the air as i was flung into a love affair, in cars boys see me and i be like debris boys wanna pick me up and as a chick I must duck can't trust being stuck in bed, got fine breasts so my mind at rest you try find the best way to my heart while i stay a part of HIPHOP, I remain in lace in the same place and boys came to chase me down and embrace a pound of sweetness, boys come with flattery and strategy so far need a battery in my car and get tires put on at FIRESTONE and boys desire to phone me my skin tone be mellow yellow, complex strive is like a sex drive boys text jive for me to read, you rap right plus you have an appetite and perhaps ignite my hormones a hot flash is like potash can't shake it off and my cake be soft I remember me and this boy went to a bar spent time in the car then went inside they were drinking CUERVO liquor my boyfriend chilling wanting cake and the building started to shake like and earthquake my body hot in order this boy dropped a quarter in the jukebox this song "Tomorrow" by ELVIS PRESSLEY came on can't name the song he start to dancing my heart romancing with boyfriend then the girl join him on the dance floor romance galore a chance to adore both, boyfriend kissed my lips aroused no doubt had to slip out the house to be with him so the music play and we use it today so my boyfriend chilling and hook while the building shook guess I'm willing to look into love while getting my foot rubbed this somehow clever as it's now or never oh they were dancing this CUERVO got me buzz cuz now this big light pole fall through roof the dance was the truth we left before the earthquake you want my thing on soft carpet but you off target when it comes to dates, well anyway when my cake smoke I make a note in my diary because it's fiery boys go for lace at a slow pace but no race involved it's jest a hardcore job and like a doorknob it open

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