Black People : It Ain't Even Healthy: The Black American Lifestyle 2010-!

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    Candidly and honestly:

    Would somebody explain to me why all of the hair dyes on the females--males wearing earrings--both genders sporting tatoos--some women having children out of wedlock no longer taboo--in yer face notions of (im)morality aka as some sort of notion of 'being liberated'--and all of those of both genders grunged out/sloppily dressed--worse of all--no true pride in ala any notions of personal dignity etc.?

    Simply put:

    What does any of the aformentioned have in common with the words, "I'm black and I'm proud?"

    Anybody and everybody putting forth an agenda etc. related to unity/nation building/etc. have yet to tell me what they do and want the rest of us to help them do about that!

    Too many posters via too many boards write and speak and post a lot about outside dangers and suchlike:

    Not enough about the internal ones...

    So, one and all, please do post more about how we can heal ourselves and them too!