Black Poetry : Issues and Concerns


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Jan 30, 2001
Mind blowing
Sometime never knowing
Figuring out
How I'm feeling
Moving from dark to light
Wrong to right
It's me who starts this internal fight
Choosing the winner
Based on what I need
Hungry as a hostage
Got jones' to feed
Lights and signs
Instruction and direction
Too many parts of me
Needing protection
This going on
That going on
On and on
And on and on
I hear my brother Dennis
Singing "Ball of Confusion"
Issues and concerns
Like smoke and mirrors
External illusions
But my internal smile
Will keep them at bay
Dealing with it all
Another day

Every breath we take,

brings the possibility, the promise, the hope, of the answer to tomorrow's test, among the rumpled heap of our own circumstances.... today...

I'm feelin it ~ and it's beautiful to know, when the light comes on, our issues and concerns were/are all a part of the painful labor we must endure, to be delivered. And life is full of surprise and serendipitous finds. I'm a witness.

I wish I could explain what this peace means to me, BE. Feels almost like I'm speaking in tongues, as it were. This is where poetry shows out.

Thank you



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