Black People Politics : ISREAL PREACHES RACISM

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    VIDEO: Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” Carrying ISIS-Style Flags At Anti-African Rally
    Moe Diab
    Video footage of Jewish Israelis with ISIS-style flags, chanting “******* go home” at an anti-African rally in Tel Aviv on October 5 has surfaced. Hundreds of protesters could be heard in streets of Tel Aviv chanting anti-African racial slurs, following an Israeli High Court ruling to close down “Holot” detention facility within 90 days. Holot is essentially an internment camp holding about 2,300 of 60,000 African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv. Israelis are outraged by the court decision to close “Holot,” where African migrants from Eritrea and Sudan have been locked in facilities overnight and are forced to sign in several times per day.
    Jewish Israelis with ISIS-style flags, chanting “******* go home” at an anti-African rally in Tel Aviv on October 5.
    In the ruling, Justice Fogelman explains that imprisonment inherently infringes on the right to human dignity and that,
    “Every person, by virtue of being a person, has a right to human dignity … and infiltrators are people. And if that needs explanation, let’s say it explicitly: infiltrators do not lose one ounce of their right to human dignity just because they reached the country in this way or another”
    Children led by parents and grandparents joined in chanting,
    “Sudanese to Sudan!”
    “ Eritreans to Sudan!”
    “******* go home!”
    Seen in the raw footage, Jewish men yell at an African passersby “Go home, go home! Sudanese to Sudan!
    African asylum-seekers met the protesters en route and offer them bouquets of roses, but their gestures were aggressively rebuffed and met with the responses,
    “Curse your name, you garbage.”
    “May you get AIDS, you whore, daughter of a whore.”
    “May you be raped, you maniac!”
    “You’ll get raped and get AIDS!”
    “I spit on you, you garbage!”
    “May you be raped, you whore!”
    “**** you, ************! Piece of ****!”
    Chants even ring in English.
    “Go back to Africa! Go back to Africa!”
    “We hate you as much as we can ************!”
    “Go back to Africa! Go back to Africa!”
    On Monday, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar called to limit the High Court’s ability to overturn laws.
    “Anyone who enters Israel illegally has to be jailed. How can we deal with infiltration without that tool?” Sa’ar said.
    Jerusalem Post reports, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar will attend a meeting to discuss the High Court decision and the migrant issue. Officials from the Interior Ministry’s Population, Immigration and Borders Authority, the Justice, Finance and Public Security ministries, and members of NGOs that support the African migrant community and residents of south Tel Aviv also plan to attend the meeting, reports the Jerusalem Post.
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