Black People : Israelis Harvesting Black and Hispanic Childrens Organ

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    The Kaperville Daily News

    People, protect your children! This is real. All of these children being killed and being found without organs in not a coincidence. They are even doing it down here, in Haiti:
    They pay “the poor and the hungry to slowly dismantle their bodies” or simply take what they want from fresh corpses. Body parts are commodities, to be harvested and sold to the rich.

    …and they are doing it to our Hispanic brothers and sisters in Costa Rica:
    Costa Rican authorities announced on Wednesday that they had broken up an international organ trafficking ring that worked with Israeli doctors and specialized in selling kidneys to patients in Israel and East Europe.

    Costa Rica’s Attorney General’s Office said Israeli doctors had performed kidney-removal operations on some Costa Rican “donors” who sold their organs. Authorities also said the key suspect arrested in Costa Rica, a physician, had been in touch with Israeli doctors to match up Costa Rican kidney donors with Israeli recipients.

    Costa Rica says ring allegedly sold kidneys to patients in Israel, East
    Europe; Health Ministry: No knowledge of reported cases.
    And just for those of you that need more “mainstream” sources to be convinced the Sun is shining, this is from Bloomberg:
    Doctors removed Yafimau’s left kidney in July 2010 and transplanted it into an Israeli woman, according to the Kiev police investigation. On the plane back to Belarus, on the western border of Russia, Shimshilashvili told Yafimau that if he wanted to live, he shouldn’t talk to police.

    Iris Flowers’ son Ryan Singleton (pictured) had left Atlanta back in July to pursue his dream to become a Hollywood actor. Sadly, the dream was cut short when he went missing during a trip to Las Vegas and eventually was found dead by joggers on September 21, in the desert near Baker, Calif.

    Kendirck Johnson’s parents recently learned their son was buried without his organs. Kendrick’s organs were harvested, and his body was stuffed with newspaper. They had Kendrick’s body exhumed and examined by an independent medical examiner who identified a wound to Kendrick’s neck that indicates murder. WHO HAS KENDRICK’S ORGANS, TODAY? Who needed his heart, kidneys, and lungs?

    This is more important than watching football, people. These are our children. They are being hunted, and the media is saying little about it. I have a feeling all of the killing of black children in Chicago and Detroit has something to do with this. Pay Attention. I would not be surprised if this is why the held Trayvon’s body for 3 days in the morgue.

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