Chief Elder Osiris : Israeli Warring Factions Commit Blasphemy Against God Gift, Life

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    Israeli Warring Factions Commit Blasphemy Against God Gift, Life

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    I do not write this Missive to imply a particular political side, my favor is only Truth, Justice, and Reality, and based on those valuable principals, do I write this Missive.

    Tell me, who are these Human Beings claiming to be the Children of God, yet is displaying their relationship to Satan, The Devil, Lucifer the Prince of Evil, expressing a thirst for Blood and is showing a open display of disrespect for Truth, Justice, and the Gift from the Energy GOD, Life.

    All Life is sacred and is of the Energy God and to take a Child Life is of the lowest action of what is call evil and such action is as crucifying a Divine Deity of God, yet Israel is slaughtering the Children of Lebanon in the Name of Two captured Israeli Soldiers, a reason given for War and I do not justify the Killing from either side of this equation, even though one can be provoked to defend one self when being attacked.

    All Wars that are unjust is of the Devil, an instigation of Lucifer so, are we witnessing by Israel the sacrifice of the Children in this war, am I to Think that there is no Nation on this Planet that is capable of demanding Israel to stand down from the slaughtering of the Children, Women and Elders of Lebanon and of her own ill gotten State.

    Tell me where are the voices of the Anti War Protesters, is this a sign that the Zionist / Jews can do no Wrong as they commit Blasphemy against the Gift From the Godly Energy action to all Living Beings, which is Life ?

    Look all around the world and tell me what do you see and hear, nothing but Wars and Rumor of Wars, why is the World afraid of The Jews, is it that they truly are the Chosen of God, or is it that they are the Reality of Evil.

    Can this be the Time whereby that which has been cloaked in Lies and acts of Deception, now being made clear to the World, as the people that have made false claim about God, is now showing whose Children they really are, the Children of Evil and the inflicter of Pain upon those they choose to be not worthy of peace and Justice ?

    Do you believe that it is america George Bush calling the shots in the world, does he come off to you to be that Brilliant, do you believe the Zionist under the disguise of a State call Israel is moving in its action as if they are of that small force that control the world and make decisions therein, does not this entire conflict of a war appear to have a pattern it is following, one that was already designed and laid out way before the excuse now being used to justify the murdering of all of these people?

    Well beloved, I do desire that you are not looking at what is happening with your Mind closed, to those with the Divine Mind of our Ancient Cosmic Ebonite Divine Ancestors I speak to, because a Human Being Mind is under arrest, following the directive of religious indoctrination and is unable to reason justly about what the world behavior is displaying and in this case the behavior that is being exhibited in the Middle East and all of the other places of War that George Bust america and its allies is involved in, all in the name of so call Democracy, a Democracy designed by the Devil themselves, a Democracy where the least rule and the most believe that they rule.

    Tell me, why is it that the Black World will not take the lead in denouncing the Murder of War that is going on in the World, an Evil World gone Mad, at home as well as abroad, worlds drunk with a habit for blood and power, yet those with the potential power to change things in the world, you lay stagnate in the cesspoo; pool of silence, have you forgotten so quickly that the evil of omission is as great as the evil of commission, to straddle the fence of Truth and Justice give off a hellish scent from those that do such sitting.

    The Honorable Marcus saw evil and did not bite his tongue in denouncing it, did he not condemn the colonization of our Black Afrikan Continent, why do you Think the Honorable Marcus Garvey reminded us Black Afrikans that Afrika is for the Afrikans and we should not allow the Black World to remain divided among ourselves, such present a sign of confusion and weakness of such a divided Black world.

    So tell me beloved, where are the True Children of GOD Energy Of Darkness, have they fore gone their relationship to that Holy Spatial Mass of Infinite Darkness in favor of an impostor claiming to be whom you are and a relationship to GOD that you Black Folks once had, Naturally so, yet you have been convinced that there is nothing Divine and Just that have ever come out of that place call Afrika, where a Night appearing people reside.

    Any act of evil that emanate out from the Mind and Spirit of Black People, is not a Natural action, just a behavioral action that has been acquired from the prince of evil and who are they, well they are they that are sacrificing Children, women and the elderly in the action they call war and do attempt to justify such action with provocation.

    What the War Lords of the World is doing, it is wrong, regardless of their political reason for doing so, yet we all have a Right to self Preservation and not provocation.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa