Black People Politics : Israeli State Government Practice EUGENICS Against Original 'Black' Israelite Women

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
This report was put out February 2013 and in this is a video in which uncovers some incredible news that I believe will affect many people in the world, especially Black African American women. This reporter explains the history behind the Eugenics program that she says America was behind in regards to Black Americans, Native Americans and etc. and she explains the connection between America and even Hitler's program of Eugenics. Finally she drops a bombshell news report about what has happened today byway of this DEMOCRATIC Israeli State government and she passionately states the awful, shocking, hypocrisy behind these heinous acts meted out against Ethiopian Jewish women.

This reporter states that there are about 130,000 Jews[mostly Jews] in Israel and explains how they are faced with an high rate of poverty and unemployment. She explains that the Jewish women were forcibly injected with birth control by this Israeli State government. Finally, she compares their deeds to what Hitler had done to them.

So this is a lot for me to take in, personally. Let's see, the European system subjects many of these people to Eugenics and then funds them to go to Israel and displaces many people already living in the land, but now, they just neutralized all of that because they are the monsters that Hitler was described to have been due to his acts and deeds. They are shouting in other reports, against the many Black 'African' Jews in the quest to come back to the same land in Israel that they, 'the European Jews' were funded to go back to for refuge. Many of them are shouting tht these Black Afircan Jews and Israelites are 'Infiltrators' and Muslims and etc. This is amazing news and this reporter did a wonderful job. I am so grateful that this lovely, beautiful woman, this reporter, brought this information to the public.


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