Black People : Israel will attack Iran soon

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Isfasha, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Iran has only two major players backing her up: Russia and China. Meanwhile the Jews will most likely have the military might of the U.S behind her back, not to mention Great Britain and France, the most powerful european armies after Russia.

    Underestimating the Persians could be fatal mistake. Is the U.S forgetting that Iran isnt Iraq? Besides having similar sounding names, the two dont compare at all. Iraq was/is a weak country with an obsolete military, no allies and a terrible economy. Iran is the opposite.

    If a war sparks between the two this will have a tremendous impact for the U.S. Oil prices will soar through the sky, a new, more invasive Patriot Act bill will most likely be approved given the increased risk of a terrorist attack. And last but not least american lives will be lost in another senseless war.

    This is my short analysis of the situation. Opinions?
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    I hope that what you say is wrong, but I sadly feel that you are likely right. But I'm interested to know what things specifically you see going on right now that leads you to believe that this is next on the world stage?

    I had two dreams over a three year period that showed Americans of all races and ages being held in what looked like some kind of camp. The guards had slight builds, like an Asian guy would. In the dream my husband and I managed to find each other, silently acknowledged each other, snuck past the guard, and set out to find the kids. I remember feeling extreme fear in the dream, then I woke up (this was dreamed in 2007 or 08). The second dream was in reverse and seemed to show how we had ended up in the camp in the first place. We were all rounded up from house to house in the neighborhood (in a house that I don't live in now, so if I see that house in the near future, I may freak). Everyone was outside in groups, afraid and confused, but held in order by the overhead helicopters, and the white and black square looking robots with somewhat stick looking legs. They were not cheap, and accompanied the soldiers in keeping an eye on us. If we were to move, I could tell the robot would take care of it unpleasantly. In the dream, I watched all of this form my window, realizing there wasn't sht I could do, and we likely would not be able to get away or escape capture.

    I did not plan to say all this when I responded to your topic, but I think your synopsis just brought that right out. It scared me so bad because a lot of my dreams come to pass unless I do something to change the outcome due to the warning.

    And the trip part about it: I later ran into or came across forums where others had had very similar dreams, and a couple sounded almost exactly like mine in the details. I hope that we have time to curtail such an event. But right now I often feel that we are headed in that direction as we grow weaker as a nation, and other nations have been getting ready for years to pay America back for all her misdeeds around the world. All it would take is for countries to band together physically, financially, through resources, etc, and then go for us. Might that explain part of the reason why some rich ppl are leaving the country? Maybe. And yet you have the dumb in the country worried about what "the blacks" and "the mexicans" are doing, saying stupid mess like they want their country back. I warned my Mom years ago that this scenario was probably going on behind the scenes, and that our interests (houses, businesses, etc) would be getting bought out from others around the world. This was back in 2003. At first she blew it off, then she started paying attn and asking more questions. Now she sees it crystal clear.

    So again I ask you: what things do you see specifically that makes you say that?
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    Israel has been doing this every few months, et al making public noises about attacking Iran if only the US would stop tying her hands. It is an old strategy straight from the school yard when a kid who knows he cannot beat another kid gets his buddy to 'hold him back'.

    I am coming around to the idea that even Israel, as reactionary as they have a history of being, understands that attacking Iran would be the end of them as well as Iran. Hence, for a few years they have been doing a lot of barking but no biting:

    Israel, unlike Iran, has nukes. So of course they could lay waste to Iran if they were dumb enough to try it. The problem with that approach would be what happens next. The pictures of the death and destruction of Iran would be so shocking that Israel would lose its already waning support from the citizens of the Western world. The rest of the Arab world would realize that they were next and unite, out of necessity, to drive the Israelis into the sea.

    Israel, even with their nuclear edge, can plunge the entire world into a nuclear holocaust but, short of that option from which no one would win, they cannot take on the entire Arab world. Even the more powerful nuclear state of America has not been able to defeat just one Arab nation [Afghanistan]. You can seriously hurt the Arab world but you can never defeat them because they will keep fighting back, guerilla style, until you get tired of kicking their butt and go home.

    Sure, Israel could nuke Iran. But afterwards she would find herself all alone with few allies left in the West to put together an effective coalition of the willing.