Black People : Israel stays silent on Syria bombing

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    The Israeli government has said it will not comment on press reports it has bombed an airbase in Syria. Officials from the US government have said the attack took place, with the target Russian-made missiles. The bombing comes at crucial time, with some diplomats warning long-awaited peace talks in Geneva may not take place. VoR’s Hywel Davies reports.

    Israel’s government won’t confirm its air force attacked Syria this week. But it has said in the past it will stop Syria’s government delivering weapons to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah – one of the fiercest opponents of Israel.

    Herb Keinon, the diplomatic correspondent at The Jerusalem Post says: “Israel hasn’t admitted to doing it. Nobody really knows who did it. However, Israel made it clear in the past that is has a red line. It will not get involved in Syria unless it sees that Syria is moving either chemical weapons or strategic game-changing Russian-supplied weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

    Unnamed officials from the US government have been more forthcoming to American media outlets, saying the airstrikes did take place, with the target SA-125 ground to air missiles.
    Nikolay Surkov, a Middle East Expert at Moscow State Institute of International Relations says his contacts say the port city of Latakia was hit.

    While the Israeli attack on Syria adds to the tension in the Middle East, there are growing fears of even knottier problems. The US and Russia have been trying to bring the Damascus government and Syria’s divided opposition to the negotiating table for months.
    Diplomats have been hoping key talks aimed at hammering out a peace deal for Syria would get underway on November the 23rd in Geneva.

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