Black People Politics : Israel Conducted Airstrike On Syria Weapons Facility . May 2013

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    Russia condemns Israeli strike on Syria as attack on sovereign state
    Jan 2013 --

    I don't understand how this report was dated to be January 2013, when the airstrike that I read about was in May 2013. Either there was another one or this is an error.

    At any rate this video says basically that this air strike was near Damascus and it was the 1st time in decades that Israel launched an attack. Russia [Moscow] has condemned it in the strongest terms and say that it is unexceptable. They say it was an unprovoded attack, a strike against a sovereign state of which is a violation of international law. About a week ago, I just happen to see President Obama on a PBS channel talking with Charlie Rose and he spoke about Syria and China on various subject matter. In regards to Syria he spoke about the issue of Syria's president Assad and his role of using Chemicals on their own citizens. He also spoke about America sending guns, I think. The president said, I believe, that China's economy is doing well, and some of the people are not really aware how far advance they are and how stable they are in their country. But anyway, I believe that trouble going on over there in the Middle East, in Syria, Egypt, and Turkey is alarming and important information to know.