Black Poetry : Isn't it funny how you think I've betrayed you...somebody have told you wrong...


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
It so **** funny how you think I've betrayed what we had

or what we shared

How dare you insinuate that I should have held on

Yes, we both have done wrong

But you took it to the point of loving another

You won't admit but you did

How could you love an outside chick then your main chick

Now you want to talk about all we've been thru

I think your shoulda, woulda, coulda is a little too late

I've had more on my plate than I could ever handle

You see ba since leaving you I have evolved


But before you had me in a dark place with my head down low

Lower than anyone can

Never look towards the sky for guidance

I let you take everything I could ever have

You took my heart and trampled upon it

You might as well took the very knife I used against you

and stabbed me

You broke me until I or noone else could fix me

You broke me dammit you broke me

And I am not ashame to say it now because

Mama got a brand new bag

This man is a gift from the Heavens

He's a blessing I never want to return

I've learned that if you love somebody maybe its best to let GO

I did and now you can't believe how I am going all out for him

Talking about how you miss making love and the many position

Well dummy you wouldnt have to be singing Ray J's song

"If I had one wish" if you had kept that Magic Styck

where it belongs

You've allowed me to move on a make a new home

You got your woman be satisfied with the headache you deserve

I know it hurts to see me post of my up and coming marriage but you deserve it

You took me to Hell and back, and I decided Hell isn't a place I want to be

You said you love me over and over that you never meant for this to happen

You wish I could have held on

Were you concern when I cried over you sorry tail for many nights?

Huh were you or when the children wanted family time where were you?

I knew but I couldn't stand to tell your kids another lie

So why try so I let you go

For a piece of mind, and mend a broken spirit

As I am writing this I can't believe that I wasted four and a half years of my life

Hoping and wishing, lets not forget praying that you would change

Somethings that are meant to be broken let it remain broken

I have spoken and there is nothing more to say

I hope that you read this because I had to let you know that

It's funny how you think I've betrayed you.....


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girl.. i been looking for the poem where u said should this be my vows..

and i can't find it.... man can't wait til i can just subscribe to the threads i've been involved in... i get so frustrated when i'm talking to someone and i want to see what they said and i can't get back...

ur poem was beautiful..

i can't say ney or ye as far as the vows.. but i will say.. the poem touched .. and it was beautiful.. and if that's what u wan say.. then i wouldn't change a word...

also, this is a happy time for you......

and if someone can't be happy for you... that you've found true love then they are just being selfish...

sometimes.. i think... part of loving someone is realizing that you can love them but you can't share a life with them...

who cares if someone thinks you betrayed them....

all i care about is that my new sister grl is happy and about to share her life with someone who makes her feel like the queen that she is.......

head up.. Miss Beautiful Lady....

Love you!!!
I have a friend who's gone through this

Well, good for you is all I have to say
You took care of your needs
How could that betray?
In the end you didn't betray you
God didn't make no junk
When he created you
In the end you came out stronger than before
In the end you rise to the top
And your ransom has been paid for
Reigneth like you know
For you are a queen
Shining like a star
Beaming all the way

Desert Storm

Good write sis, good write


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