Chief Elder Osiris : IsIt Just Arab Egypt Or Is It Afrika Egypt In Turmoil Today?

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    Is It just Arab Egypt or Is It Afrika Egypt In turmoil today?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear you.

    Can somebody share with me why it is that Black Afrikans continue to allow the Arab/European world to disrespect geography by allowing the world to view Egypt as not being a part of Afrika?

    Given what is being televised about what is happening in Egypt, it show how hypocritical America is in portraying its government society to be that of a Democracy oriented society and is against despot regimes, when in fact Egypt government is controlled by a despot, Mubarak.

    Now is the Time for the Nubian Afrikans to become involved in this Egyptian revolutionary act in Afrika Egypt.

    Welcome to the age of Enlightenment, as it rise on the continent of Afrika in Egypt, let this serve as a sign to all Afrika Despots that freedom is deserving to be present in Afrika, be it in the north, south, East, and west.

    The News Racist Media is continuing to imply to the world that Egypt is a part o the Middle east and not of the northern part of Afrika.

    Let the Nubian Egyptians be not disenfranchised no more, and may the Black Afrikans in Egypt rise to make sure that any change to take place in Egypt must include the original people of kemit. (Egypt)

    All across Afrika there must be a Renascence (reawakening) to take place among Black Afrikan people, at home and abroad, now is the time for Afrikans to rise in the name and respect for our Ancient cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors.

    Egypt, just as all of Northern Afrika, belong to the Black Afrikan Divine Beings and we must come to learn when Divine Time is summoning the Divine Beings in Afrika to revolt against all Despotism in Afrika, where oppression, suppression, and persecution is rampant in Afrika, Black People have an obligation to become obedient to this apparent Time, which is for Black people to become Divinely Enlighten in the world today.

    All Black Afrikans should be in support of the action taking place against a known despot, that is taking place in Afrika.

    Black people have an obligation to bring freedom and justice to all Black Afrikan people who have been disrespected and neglected in Northern Afrika, and all of Afrika in general.

    Freedom will only come to Afrika for the Afrikan, only when the Black Afrikan know when to seize the time and have it to serve to the justice and freedom of Black Afrikan people.

    Be Kind to your self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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