Black Short Stories : Isaiah (fore myself)

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    The words of the author captivated me like i felt there to see if i were a prophet then surely i would need prophetess. It is the foundation of duality as one righteously bonded. The soul loves music and the spirit moves all with emotions feeling the experience to see mental a form spirituality manifested wholly. Both are walking temples knowing they must honor their word by overseeing for the people when they have the tools to be applied in reality from mental simulation from revelation without self-thought selfishness. Once two beings come together you take on their line of family spirituality and the works. You represent a certain part of spirituality within your family. It is best to seek thyself to see where you stand and others too. Get to know both sides of the family well enough when it comes time to march on or move on or step on or glide on then they will too go with you like Ruth. This is the immediate congregation without stealing flock right in your own backyard. Profess the truth that no glory shall be given to you though you understand you have wisdom and knowledge plus gifts and talents still be humble without ego to be preserved as the sweetest savor upon the heavens which shineth down on you like the sun and continue to shine like the moon throughout darkness as night is day and day is night she is him he is her within as they seek each other meeting reasoned the outer personality of their supposedly higher consciousness.

    It is the warrior prophet and prophetess switched on with Ephesian envisioning the Exodus together praying daily followed by meditation empowered to be all answers to issues racking problems down on paper solving them with resolution best fit fore the survival of the immediate congregation by any means necessary righteously. Keep file of the people skills build a scope creep eliminating waste producing better profit as dividend for the children and let them walk on gold the path the way the shining glowing brightly to display indeed royalty is heaven sent all tithes is honor from above to below networking earthly senses to the heaven never can it be tested fore the strongest have the answers not through their eyes of wisdom but pure experience of being the vessel of the spirit transforming higher in messiah and fulfilled up by being cultivated as the seed who made it planted in the heaven's house descended as the protection have no fear of never returning back though reincarnation is evident as birth and death on earth so it must occur above as everything is everything made like rain recycled to feed the needy thirsty of the reasoning the word of milk for babies the honey in a warrior's heart the love from the prophetess's soul.

    If you are called on by the heavens once acknowledged then pursue your destiny based on the total encompassed picture of equality fore the sake of peace as you are accounted to do the duty the selfless service of loyalty without thinking vain never quitting seek the dead out to revive them everlasting with the healing of the word spoken perceptively enlightening fore the enemy comes to test whether it be your experience swinging back to claim your good season when you trepassed against the whole reasoning not understanding leaves in your fear to assume reacting as insensitivity like Jonah just to come back to do what you was suppose to after thinking in solitude for a period of time it will not hurt to steadfast upright fore the cause balanced truthfully as the wrath of the heavens when called on to do so to protect the people's unawareness of life the circle of life must be respected or face war forever of not knowing what you do while the danger from another extreme entity temporary ending checks you. Best to be not a label nor uncertain neither resentful sheltering your egotism to stop the upcoming deficit you will feel better you will see the weathers you will be able to determine tongues without knowledge it is god's power enabling you to will respect the prime minister awaken you will be able to shamble walls of the opposition's ignorance always practice your best character witnessing the scene objectively only centering yourself as the subject to inject might to the weak as the weak before you was strong so we commune to uplift each other with each time we grow stronger rooted deeper all in sync we are allowed more territory based on our earnings invested in heaven never turn your back on hope as it keep elevating not on your time know your time to spring up watch your summer hibernate after work is complete the eternity promised and fly high when the opposition fall or when your last times fail unable to reach earth until the tides settle peacefully return back in with the higher consciousness nurtured by the prophetess of love after the battle of self often projected outwards from within in order to stop it the mindset must be pure becoming like god is a lifetime experience like a monk in the mountains the panther in the jungles the snow leopard in the winter the hawk in the spring the ants in the summer know your load like the slugs when your shine is fluorescent being careful not to slip up cause in the darkness of existence you will need a torch as an aspirant mastering yourself besting your last times with the key to another door of another branch connected intelligently the higher the cleaner if you fear the darkness then pray your specific prayer afterwards open up your eyes as the owl and ask who is there on guard vigilantly like Ephesian.

    They will meet hand and hand sharing words of compassion always witnessing together a change that could be made. They knew knowledge was vital for survival wherever words float which is the supreme understanding of everything watching the tongue. They watch the seasons when to sow and reap like farming horticulturist socially endeavored not to influence war but to increase peace with beauty attract butterflies which attracts birds of all kinds along with the water species and land animals inspired to be around purity at last they grasp the power to remain in nature green two positives equal a whole the ying yang the equal yolk the sun moon the introvert extrovert the east west the north south encompassed learning the languages of the fools and wise growing more intuitive about a tribe they should start after gathering the witnesses as equals the queens and kings into the house of spirituality the home of all souls the mansion in all hearts the temple of no-thing the vessel of the written. They teach the two pyramids fore sustainable life of three points were the base as invincibility, indivisibility, and invisibility. The fourth is the highest point which is immortality. The four facets were god-mutha-father, mutha-father-child(ren), wisdom-knowledge-comprehension, the bottom facet were food-water-shelter. Three stood upright while the fourth laid as foundation. They enter as aspirants full of life ready fore the journey to teach another perception of the whole picture. It is god within you transforming one into invincibility. It is the soulful actions shown in Ruth congregates us as indivisibility. It is the totality of the spirit enabled of all who believes masking flesh as invisibility the higher consciousness mental-gain righteous activity. It is immortality the heavens we all reach to become like growing wiser over knowledge most instinctively in-tune with the universal intuition blessed to be live before the tides are risen completely before they wake the prophet and prophetess escapes the swing every time balanced inside and out without a doubt eternity will make its road change into the known amen within. Second pyramid consisted of the insight of Ephesian + Isaiah + Ruth + Exodus = Revelation as a basic formula correlating to five facets with five points of axioms invincibility, indivisibility, invisibility, infinity with immortality being the highest point. Infinity is the two fish adjoin at the tail though apart. Infinity is the two hourglasses rotating shifts perpendicular. Infinity is the male and female entangled; the female is the only serum of truth who nurtures her children deeply sacrificing earthly times guarding them and her home fiercely with the spoken word perceptively Ephesian out she comes the warrioress-prophetess and is the only female able to see opposition far and near the prophecy of protection with vigilance and strong love fore her home the family the territory. The male represents the power to climb mountains out of reach, able to swim in the waters still plus destroys the enemy on contact by envisioning night as day and when day is up he like all other forms of life become alert that indeed the ego has risen the mourning of war has begun though the sun provides life as survival to all he basks on the rock of strength surging as much of it as he can then travels on in his journey to destroy what is not righteous on his way back home or just roaming over his and her territory.